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  1. Nate Silver is not a witch...
  2. Red State website chronicles Rasmussen's errors
  3. Neal Bortz: GOP deserves to die on social issues
  4. Bravo Maryland!
  5. "The billionaire donors I hear are livid,"
  6. Americans Actually Voted For A Democratic House!
  7. Obama..Great expectations..Doc
  8. 'Unskewed' pollster slams Rasmussen, LOL!
  9. WSJ: Romney lost due to lack of money???
  10. Church me church me.
  11. Glen Beck on election: sometimes God sucks...
  12. Adviser: Romney "shellshocked" by loss
  13. As soon as weed became legal in Colorado ..
  14. Mitt Throws Own Campaign Aides Under Their Taxies!
  15. Pres.TearsUp,Thanks Campaign Staff, Mitt-F.U 2 HIS
  17. 9 Yr. Old Girl Shredding Defenses2Tune of 25 TD's
  18. Judge Denies A. West-Fla.-Motion 2 Impound Ballots
  19. Rick Scott: 9 Hrs. Standing In Line, Right Thing!
  20. Repub Rick Scott's Plan Backfires In His Face!
  21. Texas Tea P. GOP Calls Obama Voters Maggots
  22. Laughing Stock Repigs Grabbing At Straws, Blame,
  23. LMAO Rove Blames Weak Candidates,Contributers FUME
  24. Petraeus Resigns, Sites Extramarital Affair.
  26. Happy 237th Birthday to The USMC!
  27. ConservativesLament,"DevastatingRepublicanDefeat"
  28. I agree with Rove's counterfactual claim excuse...
  29. Obama's ring says nothing in Arabic...
  30. Yes, Obama had a landslide win...
  31. Kick the can down the road.
  32. Predictable responses
  33. Karl Rove's19 Reasons Why Repubs Lost The Election
  34. Cat fight in CT: Shays vs. McMahon's campaign team
  35. Veteran's Day 2012
  36. bravo usa -- good environment news.
  37. Krugman on debt and cliff.
  38. Bravo usa -- 5 climate hawks.
  39. The six doublethink contradictions of Obamerica.
  40. Why I hate the GOP and the US press.
  41. Name me one austerity cut that has affected Mitt?
  42. Wow! Check Out What Patraeus' Mistress Said! Oct26
  43. American Libertarianism: Stupid, Selfish and Mean
  44. The Tea Party Is Dead. Long Live the Tea Party.
  45. FBI Search Of Broadwell Home? FBI topless Photos?
  46. Climate Change Is a Joke, huh? Wake Up Deniers!
  47. Patraeus Said To Be SHOCKED ByPaula'sE-mailThreats
  48. George, Grandkid Number Six
  49. ATHEISM 10 myths—and 10 Truths
  50. Best atheist quote.
  51. Repiglican/LibertarianSpoonLickn Koch Pawns
  52. Spirituality and petraeusality in the military.
  53. FDA Wanted To Close Pharmacy In 2003
  54. Patraeus&Broadwell-Dumb & Dumber Op-Ed & MORE!
  55. Alan West deserves a recount: West opponent
  56. Tesla car of the year.
  57. The austerity bomb.
  58. Churches and taxes and the FFRF.
  59. Why I hate the GOP...#2
  60. The Bat$hit GOP..amazing.
  61. Its Official.......
  62. Tax Cut Magic
  63. U.N Declares Contraception 'Universal Human Right'
  64. RW Whacko Conspiracy Theory Blown Away By Patraeus
  66. Happy Birthday to Me.
  67. Collectivism
  68. Hilarious! Stewart & Colbert: Repub. War On Women
  69. BobbyJindalCallsOutRomney:LIES-GOP Implodes #Six
  71. Illegal Alien?
  72. Repub Scott DesJarlais Abortion Scandal
  73. Wrongology.
  74. Petraeus testifies
  75. Religious child abuse.
  76. Ailes..we have no agenda
  77. Everyone, especially Americans, should see this.
  78. Murdock slams 'Jewish owned press' as anti-Israel?
  79. 'Anonymous' hacks 650+ Israeli sites...
  81. Flashback................
  83. The Right Coverage
  84. Rubio: Actual Age Of Earth Is a mystery.
  85. Allen West Concedes 2 Weeks After The Election
  86. Invictus
  88. McConnell filibusters himself
  90. Hilrious and interesting, chris christie on jon stewart's show all 3 parts
  91. Ok, I know none of these 50 songs from last year...
  92. 1% ussa in jail
  93. Charlie Christ Joining Tha Democratic Party
  94. Freedom!
  95. OH WV. "Buckwild" Realiy Show.
  96. The most devastating punch of all time?
  97. Best country song you never heard of.
  98. This forum is a:
  99. Financial ‘Scams’ At Conservative Groups
  100. Sen. Lindsey Graham..GOP should hold a debt ceiling increase hostage
  101. A small bump
  102. What in the name oh high school football is going on here?
  103. Oh No! Not Another Republican Admitting to Voter Supression As An Election Strategy!
  104. Democrat Senate intern, a sex offender, faces deportation
  105. Obama's America Will Become Detroit
  106. Fox now losing prime time money demo to MSNBC
  107. The Republican Brand Problem
  108. Grover Norquist........." Obama will be on a very short leash, fiscally speaking"
  109. The historical myth that Reagan raised $1 in taxes for every $3 in spending cuts
  110. Too Big to Fail Has Become Too Big to Prosecute
  111. Just checking something out.
  112. In the spirit of Christmas ...
  113. Whistling Past the Gun Lobby.
  114. Republicans
  115. Before Connecticut tragedy: Administration Eliminated Emergency Preparedness Program
  116. Liberalism Caused Sandy Hook Tragedy
  117. Let the moonbattery begin.
  118. Gun Deaths Cost U.S. Billions Each Year While Firearms Makers Thrive
  119. When is Fox going to apologise for all their lies?
  120. Just in....GOP STILL delusional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  121. Itsamiracle.
  122. Why the US media ignored Murdoch's brazen bid to hijack the presidency
  123. DEBT will make Christmas a time of misery for millions
  124. Is there a God?
  125. The NRA scams its membership
  126. Equal opportunity vs. formally equal
  127. How America’s Cities May Explode In Violence
  128. Who says they ain't no Santa Claus?
  129. Lindsey Graham Continues His Hostage Taking Threats on the Debt Ceiling
  130. NRA Head LaPierre: 'There is No Gun Show Loophole'
  131. Merry Christmas, Everyone!
  132. Clear out your old PMs, as there is now a quota or limit
  133. Karma is a bitch. Just ask Glenn Hubbard. Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/pol
  134. Newtown, Firefighter, Aurora Shooters Used Same Model Gun
  135. Its the video games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  136. Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., accused Boehner of running a dictatorship
  137. If only someone had guns there! NJ police station shooting...
  138. Make Your Own Deficit-Reduction Plan...
  139. Why aren't the dembots in the streets?
  140. The lunatics have taken over the Republican Party...Part 1.
  141. I have never heard so much BS............
  142. Happy New Year !
  143. Why is Obama extending tax cuts to his Hollywood backers?
  144. Ouch!!!!
  145. Why did the regime push to raise taxes on the middle class?
  146. But repiglicans wanted tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires
  147. So? When is John Bolton Going To Apologize To Hillary???
  148. Dennis Rodman must pay $500K in child support
  149. Discover the Moncler Practical experience
  150. Urbanization in China in the margins of the state
  151. Nike Air Max Command Is All The Rage
  152. Why did the regime hold out for bankster tax breaks?
  153. Has the regime been lying ... again ... to the American people?
  154. Boehner so unpopular, Amash guy votes for labrador for Speaker!!!???
  155. Obama Embraces Rendition!!??
  156. About that $4 Trillion Deficit
  157. Good riddance to rottenest congress in history
  158. Good riddance to rottenest congress in history
  159. Gun buy back programs-- acceptable? good? or slippery slope bad?
  160. What can we do?
  161. Ted Cruz: Only Democrats Are Threatening Default on the Debt
  162. Ted Cruz: Only Democrats Are Threatening Default on the Debt
  163. The Political Compass
  164. For Sev-- GET OFF MY LAWN!
  165. Economic warfare
  166. Watch Alex Jones' Rant Unleashed on Piers Morgan! HLS Go Get His Guns NOW! RWNUTJOB
  167. Hey Sofla!
  168. A MUST see...! LOL
  169. lets not forget.
  170. The Dick Morris Scam.
  171. Robert ingersoll -- atheist
  172. Henry george -- what a guy.
  173. Rick Scott lies about cost of expanding Medicaid
  174. Fox Regular Admits He's Making It All Up On Obama And Guns
  175. NBC Sports Is Sponsoring Nation's Largest Gun Trade Show (Liberal? Not A Chance!)
  176. Paul Krugman: Clueless Washington Doesn't Know The Deficit Is 'Mostly Solved'
  177. 2013
  178. Sorta Pool Related...Catching Flu At PH
  179. Best run states.
  180. Weekend update.
  181. Childrens rights.
  182. BRAIN versus BRAIN.
  183. Bloodthirsty murdering democrats are the real danger!
  184. And now for something this forum sees little of ... the truth.
  185. Should any idiot be allowed to be on a jury?
  186. A very good article that defines modern statists.
  187. Senate & house investigations on benghazi expose repubican's gross ignorance
  188. Senate & house investigations on benghazi expose repubican's gross ignorance
  189. Piers Morgan Sucks!
  190. The Phil Mickelson effect: Do millionaires flee states with high taxes? (+video)
  191. AWE! Too Cute! Scotty Pinwheel-Video
  192. Is there a case for being Politically Correct?
  193. Lucy, i'm home!
  194. Tanks and Planes to Egypt
  195. Can the GOP rebrand itself?
  196. Data visualization, this one is about U.S. gun deaths.
  197. Yawn
  198. What's going on?
  199. WATCH! Bill Mahr Trumps Trump! LMAO! Hilarious!
  200. From the Rumor Mill
  201. Another Great Article from Jack Cashill on American Thinker
  202. GDP & Deficits.
  203. Just for larry wilson
  204. Say What You Will, But At Least He's Honest About Choosing Party Over Country
  205. Obama Routs Republicans on Sequester as 56% of GOP Voters Support Hiim
  206. Obama’s Approval Highest In 3 Years
  207. Wealthy CEOs Want Tax Breaks, Cuts to Poor and Elderly
  208. 100 Things You Can Say To Irritate A Republican
  209. Sequester of Fools
  210. People of Walmart "Sexy and They Know It"
  211. Majority of Americans Think GOP is 'Out of Touch' & 'Extreme'
  212. Rep. Keith Ellison hammers Sean Hannity: You’re a shill for the Republican Party
  213. NRA Debunks Right Wing Rumor
  214. Whitney Houston -- I Will Always Love You (Screaming Goat Edition)
  215. Following Rick Scott's not-so-fine example
  216. The Sequester and the Tea Party Plot
  217. Ted Nugent fired from The Discovery Channel
  218. Big cuts spur calls to Congress from irate constituents
  219. Wealth Inequality in America
  220. Obama Delivers the Devastating Truth: Republicans are Intentionally Killing Recovery
  221. LA State Senator Shows He Doesn't Understand Evolution
  222. Who's afraid of Elizabeth Warren?
  223. Study by National Employment Law Project Documents ALEC’s Attack on Wages
  224. Yeah, Obama is one hell of a socialist!
  225. Death Comes for el Comandante: Hugo Chávez (1954–2013) Parts I and II
  226. Death of a Forum.
  227. Secessionists
  228. Ryan: Republican budget assumes repeal of Obamacare
  229. Hey Q.
  230. The Failure of Supply-Side Economics
  231. The domestic policy the GOP wants to spend money on
  232. Costco Proves Republicans Wrong By Paying a Living Wage and Watching Profits Soar
  233. Dow's 9-day winning streak makes history
  234. Iraq war costs U.S. more than $2 trillion: study
  235. Student At Christian School Shoots Parents In The Head (video)
  236. Rob portman: Suddenly pro gay rights when it’s his son
  237. Trump's Empty Room Speech
  238. Obama Officially Worst Socialist Commie Nazi Ever
  239. Outfoxed: Fox News technique: "some people say"
  240. R.I.P. Richard Street, (of the Temptations).
  241. Happy St. Patty's Day!
  242. The Hidden Price We All Pay For Wal-Mart
  243. Boehner Admits There Is No Immediate Debt Crisis But Wants Cuts Anyway
  244. Republican Party admits Rush and Fox are hurting it
  245. AP: Costs of US wars linger for over 100 years
  246. Dying vet’s ‘f u’ letter to george bush & dick cheney needs to be read by all
  247. 10 Years After War in Iraq, the Same Political Forces are Planning a War with Iran
  248. Fox Lies Again! References Bogus Obama ‘Royal Food-Taster’ Story Ad Nauseam
  249. Teabagger Socialism-Free Purity Pledge
  250. The Right-Wing Nutjob Quote Thread