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  1. FOX News: Mr. Rogers an evil, evil man.
  2. The Extinction of the American Middle Class: #1 in Billionaires, #27 in Median Wealth
  3. Author Chris Kluwe re: John Galt
  4. Take the Impossible “Literacy” Test Louisiana Gave Black Voters in the 1960s
  5. Happy Independence Day!
  6. Top Ten Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian
  7. Lawrence Krauss-- Stop Validating Ignorance!
  8. FOX: Not using God to sell beer means ‘the terrorists have won’
  9. Fox News' Varney Attacks Government For Feeding Children
  10. Republican Policies Actually Lead To More Abortions
  11. Sanders Details Tax Plan
  12. Republican Speaker Compares Latinos To Donkeys At Anti-Immigration Reform Rally
  13. What The Right Doesn’t Want You To Know About Welfare: 9 Myths Exploded
  14. Food stamps helped me serve my country. Don't cut them now.
  15. Irony: Gun molester Adam Kokesh to run for President
  16. Secrets of the right: Selling garbage to your fans
  17. The Conservative March Toward a Society of Sociopaths
  18. This Infographic Proves That Republican Policies Kill People
  19. Walker Gives WI Jobs Agency head 50% raise after state sinks to 49th in job growth
  20. Pennsylvania police chief: F**k all you libtards out there, you take it in the a**
  21. Why is Ted Nugent a teabagger hero?
  22. Three US Presidents Meeting With Alien World Ruler In Africa?
  23. Amid Tightening Senate Polls, Georgia GOP Seeks Repeal of 17th Amendment
  24. Paul Begala: Today’s Republican Party is ‘Neanderthals fighting with Cro-Magnons’
  25. Is This The Most Embarrassing Interview Fox News Has Ever Done?
  26. 40th Time’s A Charm Insane GOP Decides to Waste More of Our Money Attacking Obamacare
  27. Racist KKK Tea Partiers Face Terrorism Charges!
  28. The Most Racist Thing You’ll See Today — And From A Congressman (VIDEO)
  29. Growing Number Of States Are Reporting Lower Than Expected Health Care Premiums
  30. Gohmert Compares Civil Rights To ‘Various Lizards And So Many Other Insects
  31. Interview with 83-yr old Robert Plummer, who got arrested at recent Moral Monday
  32. Family Planning Saved US $10.5 B, Prevented 760,000 Abortions in 2010
  33. Jobless claims plunge to lowest in six years (Obama's Fault!)
  34. Chaos Looms
  35. Science deniers just don’t think
  36. 36 Senators Introduce Bill Prohibiting Virtually Any New Law Helping Workers
  37. Christian Entertainer Serving 20 Years After Caught Planning To Eat Kids (VIDEO)
  38. Prior 2 Arrest For Sexting Young Girl, GOP Politician Attacked Democrat Sex Scandals
  39. House Votes to Ban EPA from Considering Benefits of Climate, Energy Rules
  40. Meet The Thirty-Eight White Men Holding America Hostage
  41. Glenn Beck Says Obama Is Preparing for a “Race War”
  42. The Town Of Gilberton, PA Has Been Taken Over By Militia
  43. Election officials catch dead man donating $100,000 to Sen. Mitch McConnell
  44. Jan Brewer Sucks Up To Obama and Hits Up POTUS For Disaster Relief Money
  45. 40% of American Workers Earn Less than Full-Time Minimum Wage Employees in 1968
  46. Florida man shoots neighbor in the face and tells police ‘I only shot a ni**er’
  47. “There is no way for me to eat less.”
  48. GOP Freaks Out Over Obama’s 8-Day Vacation
  49. 5 Types of Conservatives To Just Ignore
  50. GOP strategist slams Steve King, says he ‘should get some therapy’ for bigotry
  51. The Bible Verses That Destroy Fox News And Selfish Right-Wing Christians!
  52. Religious Family Quits US, Gets Lost at Sea
  53. A Day In The Life of The Ku Klux Klan, Uncensored
  54. PHOTOS: Hardly Anyone Showed Up To Steve King’s Anti-Immigration Reform Rally
  55. Three Republicans Who Opposed Sandy Relief Now Demand Disaster Aid For Arizona
  56. How ‘Anarchist’ Tea Party Minority is Holding America Hostage!
  57. LMAO! North Korean propaganda video!
  58. House GOP’s New Gambit: Tie Obamacare To The Debt Limit
  59. SpaceX 'Grasshopper' Rocket Hops Sideways In Dramatic New Test Flight (VIDEO)
  60. Seattle kicks off Pot Festival
  61. Perfectly sane and responsible gun nuts!
  62. Watch Former RNC Chairman Destroy GOP’s ‘Asinine’ Impeachment Hype in About 1 min.
  63. How Testicular Cancer Convinced A Former Republican Staffer To Leave His Party
  64. The Truth About Republican Racism and the “Southern Strategy”
  65. Rand Paul: Food, Water And Health Care Are Not Human Rights
  66. An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America
  67. Scott Walker blames Syrian unrest for lack of jobs in Wisconsin
  68. The Martin Luther King speech that's never quoted.
  69. Nearly 1 in 5 scientists thinking of leaving the U.S. in search of better funding
  70. Scientists abandoning USA for better opportunities abroad.
  71. Wisconsin's Walker: 'It's really not about jobs...'
  72. Labor Day Weekend
  73. Syria
  74. Delusional Conservative: ‘Family Guy’ Cartoon Causing Republicans To Lose Elections
  75. Fox Analyst's Position On War Powers Act Depends On How He Can Attack Obama
  76. Heritage Foundation Pres. Jim DeMint Thinks 57 Percent Of Americans Are Un-American
  77. Hannity Spinning Like Mad!
  78. Libertarians Are the New Communists
  79. NC Hospital To Shut Down Because State Won't Expand Medicaid
  80. The 1 percent played Tea Party for suckers
  81. 10 Preposterous Conservative Myths
  82. Guns for the blind 'cause this is 'Murica!
  83. NOONAN: 'We've never had a presidential speech like this!' Hammer Meet Nail.
  84. "Perpetual Societal Leeches"?
  85. Republicans: The party of personal responsibility!
  86. Tinfoil Hat Alert: Obama Plots To Exterminate Human Race And Rule As Immortal Cyborg
  87. Boehner Campaign Under Investigation By Federal Election Commission For Violations
  88. Ask yourself.
  89. Revenge is a dish best served coherent
  90. ‘Antichrist Hunter’ With Rifle and 11K Rounds Charged For Threatening to Kill Obama
  91. Ryan & 16 Other Hypocritical Republicans Caught Begging For Obamacare
  92. 7 Totally Crazy Statements by Right-Wing Lunatics From This Week
  93. Fox Idiot Says Shutting Down Govt. Preferable to Giving People Access to Healthcare
  94. More evidence that FOX News causes brain damage!
  95. The GOP’s proposed $40 billion food stamp cuts bill
  96. Local Virginia Officials Fed Up With Climate Inaction: ‘Somebody Has To Deal With It"
  97. Obama Gives Democracy A Chance In Syrian Crisis
  98. 5 Ways Republicans May Be About To Permanently Destroy The GOP Brand
  99. Why the Idea of a "Free Market" Is Total BS
  100. Kathlix in usofa kongress & senate.
  101. Why healthcare is so astronomically expensive in the USA (Video)
  102. NRA News Issues Correction For Report Blaming Bill Clinton
  103. 15 Things Everyone Would Know If There Were A Liberal Media
  104. "Obamascare"
  105. $172,000 Salary Isn’t Enough For 126 Days Of Work
  106. Fox Runs Defense For GOP's Attack On Food Stamp Funding
  107. Foul-mouthed pro-gun PA Police Chief loses his job.
  108. The Benghazi Testimony The Conservative Media Will Not Dare Show You
  109. PROOF The Tea Party Is Circling The Bowl
  110. Insane Texas Tea Party Rep. Refuses To Acknowledge Obama’s Citizenship!
  111. Why are Republicans so afraid of Obamacare? The answer may surprise you.
  112. Republicans: We Were Too Nice to the Hungry, But We’ve Fixed That
  113. Government doesn't create jobs?
  114. 'Atlas Shrugged' Producers to Launch Kickstarter Campaign to Complete Trilogy
  115. Tea Party Loon Sets Date For Armed Overthrow of US Government.
  116. 'Essentially, DeMint is declaring a mistrial'
  117. Flesh-eating Russian opiate drug called ‘krokodil’ arrives in Arizona
  118. Here Are The 43% Of Americans Who Don't Pay Federal Income Tax
  119. College Repubs freaked out by Senate Candidates "Weird" Lib Ride
  120. 15 Snarky Republican Responses to Tea Party Ted’s Government Shutdown Plan
  121. Nutjobs ‘Convict’ Obama in a ‘People’s Court,’ DEMAND He ‘Resign’ on Nov. 19th
  122. "Snake Salvation"
  123. A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics
  124. Democrats Watch 'Daily Show' Clip Mocking Ted Cruz
  125. College student calls Ted Cruz out for lying about him in anti-Obamacare speech
  126. GOP Boozing It Up on House Floor While Voting for Shutdown
  127. Why the Republicans lost
  128. jeezarse on ice.
  129. Dear GOP, here's how you change a law
  130. GOP Rep. Peter King Throws Ted Cruz Under The Bus, Backs Up And Hits Him Again: Video
  131. The Reign Of Morons Is Here
  132. Revealed: Letters From Republicans Seeking Obamacare Money
  133. Millions flee obamacare
  134. Fox Falls For Fake Story About Obama Personally Funding Muslim Museum
  135. GOP Rep. Says Not Raising Debt Ceiling “would bring stability to world markets"
  136. Debt ceiling debacle is no big deal to tea party Republicans
  137. GOP now the most unpopular political party ever measured by Gallup
  138. President obama has spent less than every president since eisenhower
  139. Watch Frustrated Reporter Try To Find ‘Massive Rally’ Of Racist Tea Party Truckers!
  140. House Republicans Exposed for Rigging Rules In Order to Maintain Gov’t Shutdown
  141. President Obama slams GOP over shutdown as government employees return to work
  142. Obama declares national day of gloating
  143. Fox's Obamacare Victims Aren't Victims At All
  144. Ted Cruz failed to disclose ties to Caribbean Holding Company
  145. Republican Civil War Erupts: Business Groups v. Tea Party
  146. Fox News Reportedly Used Fake Commenter Accounts
  147. Krystal Ball Tells The Truth On Obamacare (VIDEO)
  148. Larry Klayman Get His A$$ Handed to Him
  149. Test
  150. Republican Texas Judge Rips Tea Party While Announcing He’s Now a Democrat
  151. John Stewart Rips Obamacare Rollout. "How Will They Spin this Turd?"
  152. Holy Shit.
  153. Alan Grayson Slams Racist Tea Party: ‘If The Hood Fits, Wear It’
  154. Top ten signs you are a libertarian:
  155. Atoms aint atoms.
  156. What The Right Doesn’t Want You To Know About Welfare: 9 Myths Exploded
  157. Watch: A Democratic Rep. Refuses To Give In To A Republican’s Obamacare Lies
  158. Secret Quarter-Billion-Dollar Koch Brothers Political Operation Revealed
  159. Marines shoot down Internet story on Obama’s alleged push for ‘girly hats’
  160. Lou Reed dead at 71
  161. Lies of Plutocracy: Exploding Five Myths that Dehumanize the Poor
  162. Anchor Challenges Congresswoman To Substantiate Obamacare Criticism, Hilarity Ensues
  163. 6 Ways the GOP Congress Is Out of Step With the American People
  164. A Classic! Watch 8 Minutes of Epic Tea Party Ignorance Here (Video)
  165. ouija board 65%.
  166. Republicans Find Themselves Facing New Attack Ad Created By Tea Party (VIDEO)
  167. Watch: Bill O’Reilly Forces Dick Cheney to Admit the Pointlessness of His Wars
  168. Are You Serious?!’ Democrat Congressman Flips Out on GOP Obstructionists! (Video)
  169. A Day in the Life of Joe Libertarian
  170. 10 helpful tips on how to be poor
  171. Nevada lawmaker says he’d vote for slavery if his constituents wanted him to
  172. North Carolina Republican Calls It Quits With GOP, Joins Democratic Party
  173. White Racists More Likely To Hoard Guns, Oppose Gun Control Measures
  174. Gun Culture's Burning Man
  175. Two score and ten years ago.
  176. The Nazi Anatomists and American abortion politics.
  177. Prospective Texas Senate Candidate Thinks Abortion Caused Global Warming
  178. From "Proud" To Pulled: A Timeline Of 60 Minutes' Benghazi Trainwreck
  179. THANKS, Obama! From Licking Children’s Feet to Pricey Buns Top 6 Most Asinine Things
  180. Happy 238th Birthday to the USMC!
  181. You Too Can Learn How to Escape Obama's FEMA Camps for Just $37
  182. Cuebox - Pool Game in Real 3D (no gravity)
  183. EPIC! Sarah Palin Shredded, Called America’s ‘Resident Dunce’ by Bashir (Video)
  184. Louisiana Official: Close libraries, they're teaching Mexicans to speak english.
  185. Anti-Obama ‘Revolution’ Fizzles As Only About 100 People Attend
  186. Rep. Trey Radel busted in cocaine sting
  187. The $8.5 Trillion the Pentagon Can’t Account For
  188. Pope Francis On Challenges of Today's World
  189. 10 Questions Every Liberal Should Ask Every Republican
  190. CBS: Lara Logan Taking Leave Of Absence Over Discredited '60 Minutes' Benghazi Report
  191. Thanksgiving
  192. Limbaugh Falls For "White Males Should Kill Themselves" Satire Piece
  193. A big shout out from west virgina.
  194. Neo-Nazi’s Hit List and Terrifying Weapons Cache List Revealed (Video)
  195. O'Reilly: Jesus Ain't Down With Feeding the Poor
  196. Rush Limbaugh's meltdown at Pope Francis's inequality remarks continues
  197. Fox pushes lie about baby not covered by Obamacare.
  198. FOX Editor Declares War On Pope Francis, Calls him Catholic's Obama
  199. Oklahoma’s 10 Commandments To Get A Sister Memorial … From The Satanic Temple
  200. What You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Pool Table?
  201. Catholics Join The Dump Rush Movement With Petition Denouncing Limbaugh
  202. Tea Party Declares War on the GOP; Beginning of the End or the End of a New Beginning
  203. Pope Francis Rebukes "Marxist" Attack From Rush Limbaugh & Conservative Media
  204. Fired Army Whistleblower Receives $970K for Exposing Halliburton No-Bid Contract
  205. Inequality for All
  206. Already Down 50 Percent, Will Bitcoin Bite The Dust?
  207. These republicins has gone to far this time!!!!!!!!!!
  208. 6 Of The Worst Media Scandals Of 2013
  209. Daughter Of John Birchers Explain Why Tea Party Idiocy Is No Laughing Matter
  210. Republican assault on the American fabric a successful strategy so far
  211. Mery Chrismas from slims house to yours
  212. Tea Party Leader’s Tweet to Blacks: Stop ‘Bitching and Moaning’ About Slavery
  213. Forem members watch out.
  214. NY Times Investigation Brings Bad News For Benghazi Hoaxers
  215. Why I fled libertarianism — and became a liberal
  216. Obama Spends Christmas With Troops--Conservatives Freak Out!
  217. 100 Things You Can Say To Irritate A Republican
  218. Pope Francis: Idolizing money is the root of all evil
  219. Happy New Year!
  220. Young Viewers Avoid Fox News Like the Plague as Ratings Drop 30%
  221. Bill nye the science guy to debate idiot creation museum founder ken ham
  222. Noted CBS Journalist Itay Hod Pretty Much Just Outed Homophobic GOP Rep. Aaron Schock
  223. 'The Country You Destroyed': A Letter to George W. Bush
  224. Molon labe! (Come and take it!) (VIDEO)
  225. Hey Hondo. WV Chemical spill.
  226. Obama Derangement Syndrome Talking Points for Moonbats, Teabigots and Morons
  227. Atheist Hostilities Reach Six-Year High
  228. Obamacare is Succeeding: 9 Million Have Registered For Health Insurance
  229. How To Ignore Reality And Keep A Scandal Going: Benghazi Edition
  230. Right Wing Media's New "Fast And Furious" Bullsh*t
  231. Republican Insiders Fret That Right-Wing Crazies Will Upset GOP's Election Chances
  232. Fox Pretends Coloradans Can Buy Pot With Food Stamps
  233. How the right destroyed itself: History, ideology and strategic blunders
  234. GOP In Shambles As Poll Finds Americans View Democrats as More Ethical and Honest
  235. West Virginia gun enthusiast shoots and kills two men.
  236. Defining ‘tyranny’ down
  237. 5 Right-Wing Myths About Raising the Minimum Wage, Debunked
  238. Watch This Teabagging Imbecile On a Horse Show Us Why Bath Salts Are Bad! (Video)
  239. Pres Obama Laughs Off Ted Cruz's 'Imperial Presidency' Attack
  240. All About the Woman Whose Life Was Ruined by Obamacare & Had To Appear in TV Ad
  241. Alaska Voters Reject Sarah Palin and Every Other Republican for US Senate
  242. Mother Jones Publishes Koch Brothers Secret Meeting Guest List
  243. Coke Defiantly to Air Longer Version of ‘America the Beautiful’ Ad
  244. Obama Stares Down Republicans and Wins as House Passes Clean Debt Limit Bill, 221-201
  245. Fox Host Finally Accepts The Truth About Benghazi Talking Points
  246. From ‘Freedom Industries’ to ‘Patriot Coal’
  247. Now wingnuts furious state dinner served food
  248. Ted Cruz’s ‘heart weeps’ this Valentine’s Day
  249. UNICEF Report: U.S. Ranks 34th Out of 35 In Childhood Poverty
  250. Watch These Teabillies Proudly Display Their Ignorance (Video)