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  1. Christian Prix.
  2. Stimulus. Slimutus. Slumitus. Slutumis.
  3. Right Wing Media Critic Exposed As Fraud By Whistleblowing Employees
  4. Unhappy Socialists.
  5. Message to our resident troll(s).
  6. A great article on the dying Fox NEWS.
  7. Quantifying consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature
  8. Another “Patriot” Terrorist Plot Results in Multiple Arrests
  9. GA GOPer Defending Sex Offenders’ ‘Right’ to Be in Schools and Parks With Your Kids
  10. VW workers may block southern U.S. deals if no unions
  11. AC/DC "Thunderstruck ON CELLOS!
  12. Hondo
  13. The Food Stamp Capital of the U.S. is WHITE and REPUBLICAN
  14. Plate tectonics in california.
  15. From Robert Reich on Facebook
  16. Republicans Busted for Trying to Use Fake IRS Scandal To Protect the Koch Brothers
  17. Bitcoin virtual currency is on verge of collapse
  18. Pope rips capitalism & trickle-down economics to shreds in new policy statement
  19. Senate GOP Blocks Veterans Benefits Bill
  20. Ted Cruz’s origins continue to haunt him
  21. Do not miss rachel maddow's show next thursday night @ 9 pm
  22. 15 scandal accusations responded to.
  23. Right-winger urges GOP to abandon outreach: ‘Colorblind conservatism’ is futile.
  24. deleted double post
  25. Flashback, 2008: When A Russian Invasion Made Fox News Shrug
  26. Man with a new, healthy heart says Obamacare saved his life
  27. Russia launches new ICBM, GOP has mass simultaneous orgasm.
  28. Rush Denies Implying Obama Is Muslim After Years Of Implying Obama Is Muslim
  29. Report: The most miserable states in the USA
  30. Stewart& Maddow at their BEST! Calling out Repub experts, who are always WRONG!
  31. Happy Birthday Sofla!!
  32. The Manchurian Candidate (Ron Paul) Speaks. (Libertarian or Commie?)
  33. Right Wing ‘Journalist’ Angry that ’12 Years a Slave’ Doesn’t Depict Happy Slaves
  34. Cpac bonus saturday -- the princess in excelsis
  35. The Lie of the Free Market
  36. Science vs. Bull$#!%
  37. The Top Five Times A Fox Guest Debunked Fox
  38. Republican Lie Dies as the Obama Economy Hits 48 Straight Months of Job Growth
  39. Koch Brother Admits Buying Wisconsin Governor
  40. The Sickness of the 1% | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid
  41. The War on the Poor and Working Families
  42. The Real Numbers On 'The Obamacare Effect' Are In-Now Let The Crow Eating Begin
  43. 3 inconvenient facts that make libertarians’ heads explode
  44. Notorious Smear Merchants Launch Super PAC
  45. Do you science?
  46. tomb of the genii -- largest manmade brick.
  47. America has the best health care system?
  48. Debunking Right-Winger's Insane Religious Persecution Fantasies
  49. This iconic actor is bolting the gop
  50. gravity waves and gravity speed.
  51. How Americans Become Republican
  52. Great Quotes Thread
  53. Feds confirm Bush-era e-mail surveillance
  54. Any guesses? Who was this Maryland Wife?
  55. Why? How Republicans get Americans to vote against their own best interests
  56. Oakland pays $4.5m to Scott Olsen, veteran injured in Occupy protest
  57. Mythopedia--Search the database of conservative lies.
  58. Kagan Throws Scalia's Own Religious Liberty Arguments Back In His Face
  59. Pastor Prays for President Obama to Die, Preaches That Women Should Shut Up in Church
  60. 10,853 out of 10,855 scientists agree: Global warming is happening.
  61. Conservative Media Prefer Fear Mongering To Clean Water
  62. Doesn't have the ability of a 'Trained Ape'
  63. Liberalism and corruption go hand in hand.
  64. Billionaire leaves Gov. Rick Scott's re-election campaign after racist incident
  65. Democracy vs. Oligarchy
  66. Darryl issa most wasteful spending witch hunts& repupb lies continue
  67. Obamacare? Are you nuts?
  68. Obamacare: It's working!
  69. Watch: The 1948 Reagan Speech the Tea Party Doesn’t Want You to Hear
  70. Brave Bundy Ranch Supporters Considered Using Women as Human Shields
  71. Rick Perry Under Investigation For Coercion And Bribery
  72. Snopes: Harry Reid / Chinese company behind standoff in Nevada. FALSE
  73. GOP Just Screwed Ukraine Out of Billions to Hurt Obama
  74. Fox News is now pushing to eliminate minimum wage and labor laws
  75. Paul Krugman: We live in the most unequal society ever, and it’s only getting worse
  76. Trans Canada Exposed
  77. Heartless Tea Party Congressman to Low-Paid Worker: ‘Not Right’ to Raise Minimum Wage
  78. Fox's Bolling: We Should Emulate China With No Labor Laws Or Minimum Wage
  79. Simply amazing.
  80. Great!
  81. Hooray!
  82. Aren't We Supposed To Be Posting About Billiards?
  83. The Music Thread
  84. Bundy’s Militias Now Terrorizing Small Town With Armed Checkpoints
  85. Introduction
  86. Question for mod or others
  87. Old science fiction movies.
  88. Old science fiction movies.
  89. See what happens when you mix state and religion?
  90. Reasonable Republicans do exist.
  91. Climate change is clear and present danger, says landmark US report
  92. Senator Joe
  93. Obamacare
  94. FOX's Already Asked and Answered Questions re: Benghazi
  95. Who Are the Koch Brothers?
  96. USA Stalinist movement pledges allegiance to president Obama.
  97. USA government orders killing of USA citizens.
  98. USA government uses IRS to intimidate political opposition.
  99. Obama supporters beat USA citizen for opposing Obama policy.
  101. Is GED really worth it?
  102. USA citizens killed by USA arms to Al Qaeda in Libya.
  103. Former Bush Appointee Debunks Boko Haram Claim Used To Smear Clinton
  104. Fat, Crazy, Corrupt and offensive
  105. Top 35 Excuses For The Missing 29,999,600 at American Spring!
  106. Sev
  107. Bundyfest 2014
  108. WATCH: Insane GOP Candidate Goes Off on ‘Commies’
  109. Let's get rid of the FDA? Massive beef recalls in four states (E. Coli)
  111. USA using Stalinist justice.
  112. Phishing?
  113. Memorial Day 2014
  114. FOX Host Looks Like A Fool -- Caught Lying by Fact Checkers
  115. Tea Party Xenophobe Doesn’t Know the Meaning of the Word ‘Xenophobia’
  116. Meet the 40 Senate Republicans Who Betrayed Veterans By Killing $1 Billion in Jobs
  117. Drought is just the start of climate change’s toll on the Southwest
  118. The worst enemy an American Soldier will ever face?
  119. richr passing????????/
  120. Veterans Groups Rip Into Sen. Richard Burr For Questioning Their Priorities
  121. Republicans Now Want to JAIL Anyone Who Discloses Fracking Chemicals (Video)
  122. What do we want?
  123. Uh Oh! Texas Gunbillies Strike Out a 2nd, And Then a 3rd Time! (Video)
  124. R.I.P. Maya Angelou
  125. Google Self Driving Car Project
  126. NYC / NY Metro Area
  127. Because the members of AZB NPR are such scum.
  128. Fox News Suffers Worst Ratings In Thirteen Years – And That’s Not Their Big Problem
  129. How Fox covered Sergeant Bergdahl's disappearance in 2009
  130. Terrorist Czar Richard Clarke "Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld War Crimes"
  131. In true Stalinist fashion.
  132. The fall of USA as leading world power.
  133. From Dear Old Albert!
  134. Coal Dust Is Killing the People Of Appalachain Community
  135. ‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens
  136. Hypocrite Alert: Senator Inhofe Complains about Money in Politics
  137. #OAS White House Protest Intensifies As Random Skateboarder, Dog Join March (Video)
  138. 5 reasons Obama is not a 'socialist, communist, dictator' the GOP claims he is
  140. McCain Still The Same Lying Flip-Flopper He's Always Been
  141. I Highly Recommend Putting Fake Posters On Your Ignore List!
  142. Right-wing media: your source for racist, homophobic and misogynistic gibberish
  143. LA Governor Bobby Jindal (R) sells out the people of LA to oil industry.
  144. Obama is a coke head burn out.
  146. Former Reagan advisor: Tea partiers are "morons, stupid, ignoramuses, bigots, dying.
  147. Krauthammer Drops a Truth Bomb on Stupid Republicans
  148. Does Fox News Cause Ignorance, or Do Ignorant Viewers Prefer Fox News?
  150. KKK Preparing For Expansion And Undergoing Military Training
  151. Records Show Nevada Shooters Thought Bundy Ranch Was Start Of Revolution
  152. Hatriot Politics Created the Las Vegas Killers
  153. BRAVO! Cantor Loses Primary!!! One Down, More on the Way Out!
  154. Tea Party VS. Republican Party, Gun Nuts Losing Favor!
  155. Ten Most Corrupt States In America LOL, RED! RED! RED! & More RED!
  156. The Right Didn’t Mind When Bush Paid a Ransom to Terrorists
  157. Goldman Sachs CEO: Income inequality is "destabilizing"
  158. About Those ‘Soldiers Killed’ Looking for Bergdahl: It’s ANOTHER Right-Wing LIE!
  159. The Official Stalinists Are A Joke Thread.
  161. No President Could Have Cleaned Up The Mess Bush LEFT!
  162. oj innocent of murders.
  164. The Surge FAILED. No Political Reconciliation Was Ever Accomplished
  167. Terror From the Right: Plots, Conspiracies and Racist Rampages Since Oklahoma City
  169. ADL Condemns Tony Perkins For "Deeply Offensive" Holocaust Comparison
  170. The Persecution Complex: The Religious Right’s Deceptive Rallying Cry
  171. John McCain Contradicts Himself On Iraq Victory
  172. NASA Reveals Latest Warp-Drive Ship Designs
  173. The Three Biggest Right-Wing Lies About Poverty
  174. GOP Senator Calls Veteran’s Care ‘Entitlement’ We ‘Can’t Afford’
  175. What Benghazi Was Never About
  176. Pat Robertson unloads on Bush for latest Iraq crisis: ‘We were sold a bill of goods!’
  177. Veterans Demand Fox News Be Turned Off In Waiting Room – Fox News Goes Berserk
  178. In Medical Triumph, Homicides Fall Despite Soaring Gun Violence
  179. Obama declared to be less competent than Bush.
  180. Captured Benghazi Mastermind Says Attack Was Revenge For Video
  181. Glenn Beck: Enough is enough. Bring them home, period.
  182. 66
  183. Dying Vet's Letter To George W. Bush and Dick Cheney
  184. WI Governor Scott Walker (R) at center of criminal scheme.
  185. After Taking Down Scott Walker Prosecutors Are Closing In On Chris Christie
  186. 5 reasons Obama is not a 'socialist, communist, dictator'.
  187. UK Bans the Teaching of Creationism in All Public Schools
  188. Surprise: High Gun Ownership Equals High Gun Deaths
  189. McConnell Proposes Lowering Wages by $13 Billion
  190. Neocons’ stunning Iraq revisionism: Why they’re still divorced from reality
  191. Herman Cain urges supporters to ‘outvote the stupid people'
  192. FACT CHECK: ISIS Leader, Baghdadi, Was Released By Bush, Not Obama
  193. Why Liberals Play The Race Card
  194. This guy should be Fox News' new mascot!
  195. John Boehner Blames Obama For Eric Cantor’s Defeat (VIDEO)
  196. Cox Contributor: It's Not Fair To Hold Fox Accountable for Lies / Conspiracies
  197. Go big or go home when committing voter fraud
  198. Watch This Fox Host Push Four Myths About Hobby Lobby In 17 Seconds
  199. Scandal #1
  200. Scandal #2
  201. Scandal #3
  202. The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats
  203. Hillary and Elizabeth Warren Crushing The Right In Book Sales
  204. Putin snarls, but Obama gets the last laugh
  205. How The GOP Made ‘Liberal’ Into A Dirty Word
  207. Fox News’ Ablow ‘Suspicious’ World Cup Is Diversion From Obama’s Problems
  208. Watch: Pres. Obama Drops His Guard, Says What’s On His Mind About Republicans
  209. The right’s absurd World Cup paranoia explained
  210. My heart goes out to the Stalinists today.
  211. ALIPAC'S William Gheen -- "Immigrants Want You and Your Whole Family To Die"
  212. Corrupt Congress Secretly Kills Rule Requiring Them To Disclose Free Trips From Lobby
  213. The Republican version of the First Amendment
  214. The accomplishments of Hillary Clinton.
  215. USA citizens vote Obama as worst USA president since the great patriotic war.
  216. Is it all over for Obama?
  217. USA citizens realize that Stalinism is taking away freedom.
  218. Stalinist criminals ordered to court to explain their actions.
  219. First death from Obamacare?
  220. Global warming liars shown to be wrong again.
  221. Supreme Court to American Public: Corporations Are Your New Gods
  222. WWJD? CNN: Hobby Lobby Invests in Birth Control / Plan B (VIDEO)
  223. An emphatic answer to the ‘Where are the jobs?’ question
  224. Michigan GOP candidate: Ignore my arrests for publicly masturbating in other people’s
  225. Time for fireworks: Dow tops 17,000!
  226. ‘How To Create An Angry American’ — This Video Will Ruin Your Day.
  227. Citing ‘Ignorant’ And ‘Cruel’ Tea Party Stances, MS GOP Leader Switches Parties
  228. Happy 4th of July!
  229. California Law Professor Rips Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz For Lying
  230. Rabid Dog Briefly Mistaken for Tea Party Candidate
  231. Thirteen Facts About America Conservatives Would Like You to Forget
  232. Open Carry Freaks Are Like The Demonic Offspring Of Westboro Baptist / Boko Haram
  233. This Scientist Created A Deadly Virus That Could Kill 400 Million
  234. Right Wingers Totally Lose Their Sh*t , Fall For Satirical News Site’s Post on Obama
  235. Hey Haters! Border Crisis Is Direct Result Of Bush Administration Laws
  236. Gingrich Brings "Abortifacient" Falsehood From Hobby Lobby Case To ABC's This Week
  237. GOP Abstinence Proponent Bill Cassidy Has Announced His Teen Daughter Is Pregnant
  238. The people reject the Stalinists again.
  239. MSNBC to hire another Stalinist?
  240. Stalinists! Stalinists! Stalinists! Oh my!
  241. Militia plans to guard border by starting revolution if cops show up.
  242. Report Finds Benghazi Select Committee Fox News Championed Could Cost Up To $3.3 M
  243. Food Stamp Recipient Writes Epic Letter
  244. Thanks GOP! Married 33 Years, Couple Forced To Separate For Health Ins Reasons
  245. Fox News Isn't Listening To Its Own Reporting On Border Security
  246. This is a religious civil war
  247. Has Boehner read his list of ‘jobs bills’?
  248. GOP Argument for Suing Obama Goes Down In Flames As Fact Checkers Expose the Lies
  249. Glenn Beck Receives Death Threats From Conservatives
  250. Humanitarian Crisis At The Border Is Turning Into A Disaster For The GOP