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  1. Accredited High School Diploma Online.
  2. "War on Christianity?" What war?
  3. ‘There are no coal mines on Mars’
  4. Republican Governor’s Tax Cuts In Kansas Backfire & Destroy State Economy
  5. Someone is spamming .
  6. So much for Russia ‘gaining prestige and influence’
  7. Nine Military Officers Demolish Fox's Benghazi "Stand Down" Order Fable
  8. Conservatives Cash In On Impeachment Racket
  9. Right Wing Media Defend Delinquent Polluters from EPA Plan
  10. President Obama Dares House Republicans to Impeach Him (Video)
  11. Spitting, Stalking, Rape Threats: How Gun Extremists Target Women
  12. Why so much of this here?
  13. Why owning guns is needed.
  14. Obama betrays poorest USA citizens.
  15. This land is mine... The history of the "Holy Land" in 3 minutes
  16. George Zimmerman “Broke and Homeless”
  17. Senate Judiciary Backs Amendment to Overturn "Citizens United"
  18. Children of The Drug Wars
  19. Exxon-Funded Physicist William Happer Fulfills Godwin's Law
  20. Two Former Gop Utah A.G.'s Arrested in Corruption Case
  21. Republicans Never Learn! Article from 2009, Proves It!
  22. Stalinists strike again.
  23. Upstanding Tea Party extremists.
  24. Vote!
  26. "Vlad's Theme"
  27. Nah, people like this are perfectly sane and reasonable..right?
  28. Fox Rewrites Reagan's Legacy in Effort To Bash Obama
  29. USA court finds Obamacare subsidies against the law.
  30. The Republicans Lie – About Everything
  31. Courts Issue Conflicting Rulings on Health Care Law
  32. Watch: Sarah Palin Claims God Wants to Impeach Pres. Obama
  33. Video Totally Annihilates Right Wing Immigration Myths
  34. Watch Deluded Immigration Protesters Display Stunning Ignorance! (Video)
  36. Rafael "Ted" Cruz: Barack Obama using FAA in ‘economic boycott of Israel’
  37. Left Coast Rising
  38. Climate Records Shattered in 2013
  39. GOP Lawmaker Wants Propaganda Shown to High School Kids.
  40. Iowa’s Ernst dabbles in nullification extremism
  41. 2.1 million reasons why Dems love the GOP’s anti-Obama push
  42. The Definitive List Of 60 Stupid Republican Quotes
  43. Republicans may block bill to honor “too liberal” Pope Francis
  44. Republicans fight to keep tax breaks for companies moving jobs overseas
  45. House GOP pulls vote on their own border bill
  46. KKK Joins Immigration Debate With Calls for “Corpses” on the Border
  47. Republicans Talking About Impeaching Obama (VIDEO)
  48. Taking a break
  49. 7 Ways Obama Basically Called Republicans Bums Today
  51. The GOP house finds no administration wrongdoing in Benghazi.
  52. Fox News Quiet After Congressional Report Finds No Benghazi Scandal
  53. Republicans Okay Tax Breaks To Companies Who Abandon America
  54. Let me tell you who the GOP takes executive orders from.
  55. Alison Grimes & Mitch McConnell • Fancy Farm • Kentucky • 8/2/14
  56. Five Major Problems with Charles Koch's Op-Ed in USA Today
  57. Fox News Says Walgreens CEO ‘Destroyed Capitalism’ By Listening To Customers
  58. Clear Channel Gives Limbaugh Bum's Rush in Pittsburgh
  59. MN GOP’s Supreme Court nominee can’t stop running into trouble with traffic cops.
  60. God Wants 9' Tall Obama Impeached
  61. Tea Party Pushes Democrats Towards Victory By Declaring National Impeach Obama Week
  62. CA Man gets death threats for hosting refugee kids.
  63. Palin's Incoherent Response to Elizabeth Warren
  64. crewdrive
  65. Ex-GOP candidate for CA gov. wounds neighbor in shooting spree
  66. Fox News Silence On Latest Benghazi Info Tells You Everything
  67. 5 ways privatization is fleecing American taxpayers
  68. Greatest Terrorism Threat In America Not Al Qaeda, It’s Right-Wing Sovereign Citizens
  69. Rest in peace Robin Williams
  70. Obama slams reporter's right-wing adopted talking point as bogus
  71. If You're Blaming The Iraq Crisis On Obama's Troop Withdrawal
  72. Limbaugh: Robin Williams killed himself because of a ‘political leftist’ attitude
  73. FOX News Host Calls Robin Williams a Coward Over Tragic Suicide (Video)
  74. Cool hypnotic illusion (Video)
  75. Idiotic GOP State Senator Defends Fracking: The “Indians” Loved “the Burning Waters”
  77. Rep. Steve King notes Ferguson protesters all have the same 'continental origin'
  78. Grand jury indicts Gov. Rick Perry on two charges
  79. 15 Things Americans Would Know if There Were a "Liberal Media"
  80. Ten Questions About Jesus, For Right Wing Christians
  81. A Day In The Life of Joe the Teabagger
  82. 620,000 Military Families Rely on Food Pantries to Meet Basic Needs
  83. Right-Wing Rodeo - Week of August 16-22, 2014 [HD]
  84. Obama Has Fewer Vacation Days In His Entire Presidency Than Congress Has This Year
  85. Fox's Tantaros: Holder Runs The Justice Department "Like The Black Panthers Would"
  86. NC school vouchers ruled unconstitutional
  87. Misinformed USA: Why average Americans vote for Republicans
  88. Critics Blast Obama’s Three Meals a Day (SATIRE)
  89. Troll fail for fake "Russian"
  90. Fox News Channel Host Wishes Vladimir Putin Could Be “Head of the United States”
  91. Rep. Peter King, Obama’s new fashion critic
  92. McConnell campaign manager resigns amid Iowa bribery scandal
  93. Drop Kick Murphy's-- "Worker's Song"
  94. Dallas Cowboys suck!
  95. Labor Day Playlist of Songs
  96. Watch: FOX News Trashes Minimum Wage Workers on Labor Day Weekend
  97. Gohmert: Ban non-English speakers from schools because they ‘bring education down’
  98. NY GOP Rep Michael Grimm to face tax evasion trial December 1
  99. Who are those 40% who still support The Moron in the WH?
  100. Border militia terrifies smugglers — who turn out to be bat-counting biologists
  101. Virginia’s Ex-Governor Is Now a Felon
  102. Obama lied, USA citizens died!
  103. 14 Secrets Of The Republican Playbook You Should Use – Today!
  106. Militiaman who came under border patrol fire was illegally carrying a gun
  107. You might be a conservative if...
  108. A great USA citizen rolling over in their grave.
  109. 9/11: Honoring the Memory of Those Who Lost Their Lives That Day
  110. Stretch Hummers. A bloody brawl. And Sarah Palin?
  111. Evauating Vlalarry
  112. Watch Obamacare Misinformer Betsy McCaughey Walk Off Of An Interview
  113. Bad news for the empty suits and talking heads over at Fox "news"
  114. Feds seek up to 16 months in prison for Dinesh D'Souza
  115. Change comes to 'Meet The Press'
  116. 11 Reasons Why Liberals Are Better Patriots Than Conservatives
  117. Clinton coverup on Benghazi confirmed.
  118. Libertarian Utopia Falls Apart Almost Immediately
  119. America Shrugged
  120. Manhunt for survivalist wanted in ambush of PA State Troopers
  121. Watch Apparently Drunk Sarah Palin Incoherently Respond to Elizabeth Warren
  122. Boehner laments ‘knuckleheads’ within House GOP
  123. After a grueling eight days on the clock, Congress punches out