View Full Version : WAZ THIS AN OMEN , OR WHAT ??? (Long)

Gayle in MD
11-06-2003, 07:37 AM
First part of the story...Jim had purchased a slightly used van from a nearby dealership with only twleve hundred miles on it. It was like brand new, (Had only been used by the dealership for picking up parts) and he needed it for his business.

After he drove for a month or so and he really liked it, but he said everytime he came to a sudden stop he kept hearing a thud in the back somewhere. This was driving him nuts, especially since he is one of those guys who can figure out anything, and fix anything, but he couldn't locate the noise he was hearing.


When you grow up with a piano in the house, a house isn't a home without a piano, and I have noticed my daughter seemed a bit down and lonely after leaving her high powered position with Fox, in order to stay home with Emma. SOOOOOOOOO

Recently, I purchased a used Kimble console piano (It was like brand new, but 20 years old) as a surprise Christmas gift for my daughter and her family. I thought now would be a good time for her to learn to read music, and I could give lessons to her and to my grand daughter too.

I could never get her to learn to read music when she was growing up, and she has a great ear for music. As an adult she has expressed regret that I hadn't MADE her keep up with her lessons. But, all that she talked in those days was HORSES HORSES HORSES, so, that is what we got her, a horse, and I remember that in those days the horse, the feed, the stall fees, the trailer, lessons, shows, etc..... so expensive, the horse was the only one in the family with new shoes, LOL.

Anyway, originally this was going to be a surprise, but the more Jim and I discussed it, the more we thought we should go ahead and get my son-in-law, and one of his friends togethe, along with Jim, and move the piano to her house now, while the weather was good. The folks I bought it from were fine with us picking it up late Christmas eve evening. BTW, it was like brand new! Lovely little Italian Provencial console with a great tone and not a scratch on it.

So for a week or so we were back and forth about whether we should use the big truck with the lift, and move it ourselves, or just use Jim's new van, and a ramp and dolly. So that is what we had decided to do. As the date for the move drew closer, I had a nagging feeling we should hire someone to do it. Why take a chance on a pulled back and damaged piano?

Finally, I called around and found a guy that would move it for us for a hundred bucks.

The day before the move, Jim came in the kitchen and said, "You know that thud I kept hearing in the new van, I finally figured out what it was, you won't beleive this" He held out his hand, and there it was, a brass piano pedal!
Apparently someone from that dealership had moved a piano, and knocked the pedal off a piano in the process!

These "OH WOW" things happen to me all the time, was this an omen or what?

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