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11-09-2003, 12:09 PM
This is what I wrote on the forum at PPP:

"Except for trying to sell advertising on your site, what is it's purpose? There is no tournament coverage or articles to speak of.

You say quote:

"My main goal with this site is to show the world how strong in this industry, you, the pool fans, are on the web and give you this well deserved site."

Actions speak louder then words and I don't see much of anything. Are you expecting the readers to supply you with all the content? You had no coverage of the Miz senior tournament at all, (I did not see any anyway) Tell me why I should bother visiting this site anymore, when there are well run sites out there that now offer what you claim you are going to be offering? I know you have not been at it long but where is the effort. I am not interested in getting 10 % percent off on a pool glove, I would like to read and see something someone else doesn't have.
Just some thoughts."

This is the message I just received from Brady:

This site is not solely for news, News is provided from AZBilliards.

You are very rude for knocking me or this site. There has been HOURS and HOURS put into this site. What have you contributed to pool? This site has a different objective. If you have news that wouldnt be seen on AZ or other sites, submit it. If You dont want discounts, Someone else will. If you really dont like the site, please dont participate.

This site is a community site in all asspects, the community makes the site.

I chose this route instead of publically posting this.

Thats my Dimes worth
Brady Behrman

I guess he doesn't want any honest opinions, needless to say, my post was deleted from the forum. All I can say is "Brady remove me from your site' I have no interest in wasting my time looking at your advertizing any longer. I also don't want anymore of your e-mail spam.