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Francis W Airam
11-10-2003, 07:42 PM
Red said.............
You're very much welcome. I might not know if your points were valid, but I sure know you expressed them wihout class and respect. <<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>

Respect is earned.

Red said.........
Disagree ?!?! For some reason, I doubt you ever agree with anyone. Please explain to me your disagreement, tell me how your approach is right ? <<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>

I don't conform, stop-thinking, stop questioning - if that's what you mean. I think about everything and then I make-up my own mind. If something doesn't add-up I question it. - Sorry - that's who I am.
If you don't know my disagreements - you haven't been reading the posts - I've been very clear with all of the things that I am questioning. - And my approach demands response.

Red said..........
It wasn't assumption it was your first post! <<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>

Well believe me - I like the guy - but if he were hustling tennis-players I would like him more and I'd be laughing with you - But it just-so-happens that me and the people that I love (and am tired of seeing robbed) are poolplayers - So that's where the line is.
You understand now? - or would you like a diagram?

Red said..........
Hustling is your business ??? What are we dealing with here, a furstrated hustler being hustled ??? <<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>

Ummmmm - Yeah..... sort-of..

Red said...........
The players ? How many ? <<<<<<>>>>>>>

Good question Red.
Let's ask Mike this question......
Mike - How many Viking membership-holders are there?
Aslo - How many spectators have come to all of the Viking events?

Red said............
and where are they today ? How come you seem the only one complaining ? <<<<<<<>>>>>

I'm not the only one complaining - I'm the only one stating my voice on this board. I told you - if you don't believe me - ask any of the players or spectators that were there. - Or, ask how many players are questioning why they can't afford their motel rooms after cashing in the tournament -while Mike drives away on his brand new 35-thousand-dollar Harley.

Red said...........
Personal like in personal vandetta ? <<<<<<>>>>>>>

Ripping off the players and spectators - Like I said - I take it personal (my true-friends, the people I care about and myself - are both - spectators and players)

Red said..........
I'm not a pro-player no ! But I do play because I like, and by liking it and playing it, I enjoy myself. And all this fun I get is the results of guys like Mike.<<<<<<>>>>>>>

LOL - You shoulda thought about that before you wrote it. You just showed your booty.

Red said.........
Yeah sure, like you do... you said it, it's personal, I'm sure if you had cashed in you wouldn't care much about the players would you ? <<<<<<<>>>>>>>>

There's another horrible assumption.
I did cash-in.

Red said........
Perharps I'm both... A player AND a employed professional.... Would that make me an employed professional player ? <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>

This is a ludicrous statement that I have to save for an entirely new thread.

Red said.........
OK, that's it you have revealed the truth about me, you are right I can't run 3 balls against my little sister.... both of my sisters are older then I am, I don't have a little sister !!!!<<<<<<<>>>>>>

OK then - (my bad) .... **your older sisters.**

Red said.......
I'm sure there isn't millions to make off their back and I'm sure Mike is not making millions either ! <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>

Guess again.

Red said.........
There so is many contradiction in this last paragraph that I won't even address it. <<<<<<>>>>>>

This is the first thing people say when they don't know what to say.

Red said.........
When someone have complains to formulate they usually find the way to do it. Don't try to humor me and make me believe you were all alone and add no one to talk too !!! Even more that, according to you, all the players were getting cheated, etc. <<<<<<<<<>>>>>

Indeed - players world-wide are being cheated and I cannot take-on all of them at once - nor can I address all of them on this forum - so...... there was mike's 30k-promise and here I am.

Red said.........
SPAM is a term losely used nowadays, I suggest you go learn what it means. All the posts that Mike makes about the Viking tour are clearly written to inform people of tournements and venues... <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>


Red said.........

And now BD is in it also ! Dang, Mike, Viking, BD, Gametime....<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>

That's right - many others too.

Red said........
did you check if they were involved with the Kenedy assassination ?!?! <<<<<<<>>>>>>>

Hey - pretty funny-there Mr. Hell

Red said..........
Well you must have got a big bite from that shovel looking at the crap you've been spiting here! <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>.

No - (IF you are speaking - monetarily) I left Greenville with more money than I went with.
If you are speaking of watching my friends and family suffer - be cheated, lied-to, disrespected and having a genuinely hard-miserable-experience, after sacrificing their lives for the left over crumbs that people like Mike throw-them when they are done taking their huge chunk, - Yeah -
......It's hard to watch - it's hard to swallow. // It's even hard to voice it on this stupid board.... - Yeah, I took, and continue to take, a big ol' bite.

Red said........
You're very much welcome, now let's see if you can use them... <<<<<<>>>>>>>


Red said........
I believe he recently posted a thread just for you, let see how well behave you can be now that you've got my advices. <<<<<<>>>>>>>>

Behave? (What am I? In high school?)
Don't you mean - Conform? Be silent? Be more like you? Agree? Nod? Take it? Hush? Bend-over? Don't think? Don't question? Don't talk? Kiss-butt?
Sorry Red - I am me.
You be you - And here's some advice for you - / Stay home.
As for Mike - I am getting to him.
Fran Airam

11-12-2003, 02:17 PM
You make me laugh....

This whole response from you confirm that you don't deserve the attention you are seeking. If you couldn't voice your opinions on the night it happend and you now need to come here and insult people playing the card that you will save all the poor little players that are getting ripped off, then you have opinions worth listening too...

That's it for me, you're case is closed.

Even if you think you're right somehow, I glad you got what you deserved, no more no less...

God day !