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Francis W Airam
11-10-2003, 07:58 PM
Red said.........
Perharps I'm both... A player AND a employed professional....

Your response here surmises a very disturbing reality in the world of pocket billiards.
It also magnifies and brings-to-the-surface a mentality that I cannot sit-by and tolerate.

Pool is a profession!!

Your inabilities to see, or accept-this fact, is exactly what the people, who are walking away with all-of the money, want you to do.

Pool is the third largest participation-sport in the world.
It is also the lowest paid professional sport in the world.

This fact alone should tell you that there are people making reams of money but they are not putting the money back into the game. // They are not supporting the players.

The number one question that these folks should have on their minds is: - "What can I do to give-back-to the sport that provided me such a healthy living?"
Instead - this sport is plagued by people who get alittle bit of money and become overwhelmed with greed. / "How can I make more?" - becomes the question of the day.

A hall, room, promoter or sponsor making money off-of a tournament? - IT should be unheard-of.
If you think that the owners of Gametime (and places like-it) // If you think the sponsors are not making a killing, if you think the players are making a decent living - think again.

Viking's longterm goal should be to get their name in the public eye. // They should pay Mike (from their own pocket to do it) and the room-owners should be kissing the player's butts for even thinking about playing pool in their establishments.


Now that you all thanked Mike - I would really like to thank the players.........

On behalf of Viking, on behalf of Billiards Digest, on behalf of Gametime and all of the other greedy room-owners across the country, on behalf of Mike himself,

Thank you guys and ladies - you deserve a hundred times more than you get......

SO get it!!


(Ask any minority) Ask anyone who is being treated unfairly)
Until you stand up for yourselves and demand the respect that you deserve, until you shed light on the truth behind the problems with this sport, until you voice-it, until you think-about-it and see it and stop-it - nothing is going to happen....

To the players.......
It's your sport - you should own it - you should be making most of the money. Don't wait for their permission -it'll never come.

11-10-2003, 08:49 PM
Francis, with all due respect, you need a new pair of glasses. The ones you are seeing out of are outdated...randyg

11-10-2003, 10:52 PM
<font color="red">This fact alone should tell you that there are people making reams of money but they are not putting the money back into the game. // They are not supporting the players.</font color>

Excuse me???

Do you think that EVERYONE running a tournament makes money? You obviously do not know how the WPBA sanctioned tours are run. I am obligated to pay back 100% of entries received plus the monies added by the room less greens fees per player to the room owner. The only monies I collect are from membership dues. Has that covered my expenses for each and every event I held this year? NO! And I could blame myself as well as the fact that another WPBA sanctioned tour is in my back yard and drawing the same players that I draw. The players can pick and choose at what events they want to play in and I can't do a GD thing about it. I suffer draws for this because I have stronger players in my tour than CAT does. Those women won't come up north to my tour. They won't win.

<font color="red">Viking's longterm goal should be to get their name in the public eye. // They should pay Mike (from their own pocket to do it) and the room-owners should be kissing the player's butts for even thinking about playing pool in their establishments.</font color>

Viking is getting their name in the public eye with every event they support. Why should they put Mike on a payroll? Is Mike doing a Viking event every weekend? If he is, then maybe they should consider that. I only do one event a month, at best. Pechauer is my title sponsor for my tour and they are very generous to room owners to try and recoup their expenses for giving up two days' business. However, most women are not so expendable with their cash. And why should ALL the room owners be so affectionate with pool players? I find only the die-hard room owners/players will consistently host my events year to year. I warn them first and foremost, you will not make money on an event unless your room has the right parameters.

But last weekend was great at Hagerstown. Even though we drew only 12 players, the men and women still came to watch us play, and Jason Carbaugh still has a great room for us to sit around, eat, drink, kibbutz, and chill.

Just watch out for Carl.

Barbara~~~putting my feet up for the year and jus' practicing.

11-11-2003, 07:11 AM
Fran. You seem upset that the tour operators and the room owners are making money. You think it should all go to the players, and the tour operators and room owners should hold these events at their own cost just so the players can play? I run a small tour with about 20 events scheduled next year. I would love to play in the events, but I choose to run the tour, do all the work, drive to these cities, get a motel room, etc. It's a job, and to tell the truth, I make very little money. I usually cover my expenses, and maybe pick up some extra pocket money. I don't do it for the money, I do it because I enjoy it and the players enjoy it. If they didn't, they wouldn't show up and the tour wouldn't work.

There is a nice package for the room owners to encourage them to let us use their facilities. When we come in, we pretty much take over. I don't begrudge the room owners anything. I THANK them for giving us a place to hold the events. I thank the players for participating, and we make some pretty nice payouts.

What Mike, Tommy, Barbara and others like us do is offer an opportunity for players to compete, and possibly make some money doing it. When you are willing to go out there, line up sponsors, book rooms, run the events, and everything else that is involved and be willing to pay everything out to the players and keep nothing for your efforts, then you can bi*ch. Until then, if you don't like the way the tour runs, stay home.

11-11-2003, 10:57 AM
Barbara - I've run a few small-time tournaments, and I can only say "Amen." Players and room-owners have to be courted and cultivated for support, and it only takes one low-turnout tourney to lose a location.

Walt in VA

P.S. - I know you meant "kibitz" and not "kibbutz" - I get those late-night typos, too.

Ralph S.
11-11-2003, 01:54 PM
Fran, I think that you are very misguided with your thoughts. Many of the more experienced players on this board currently run or have run past tournaments of all sizes. I happen to help run a weekly tourney and sometimes all by myself when the owner isnt there due to other commitments.

I do not make any money off of it. The only thing I get in return for my help is paid entrance to play by the owner. The entry fee really means nothing either as it is just something that I really enjoy doing, like many others here. Maybe you should re-think what you say before just spouting it out of your mouth.

11-11-2003, 02:41 PM
Fran, Maybe if you would do the numbers and run them by us you might get some credibility. Just saying that they make reams of money doesn't cut it. Unless you can actually show money coming in vs money going out + operating costs you are just spitting in the wind.

A smart TD who can go out and line up a few sponsors and the sponsors toss him a few bones deserves what he can get. He provides the venue for the players. He deserves a salary. You chase the TD's away and what will you have?

A professional poolplayer should also go out and line up some sponsors who will toss him some goodies, like expenses, cue sticks, etc. Would you want the pro to then share this with all the players?

But the first thing that a pro finds out when he approaches a sponsor is that he has to answer one question. What can the pro do for the sponsor? Does he have a following of fans who will buy the sponsor's products? If not, then what good is the pro to the sponsor?

Michael Jordon received several million dollars from Nike. You think Nike gave him that money because he has a nice smile? Nope. Nike knows that there are 500,000 kids in Chicago who will go out and buy a pair of Nike shoes at $150 a pop just because Michael wears them and says they are great. And most kids won't be caught dead wearing the same shoes two days in a row. Many have 4,5,or 6 pairs. so the payback to Nike is $150 x 500,000 kids in Chicago x 2 pair each = what is that about 150 million. And that's just in Chicago. When pool players can command a following like that then you can expect big money.

So Fran, do you have anything to offer a sponsor? Do have a following of fans that you have cultivated? You do realize that money has to come from somewhere, it isn't just printed up.


11-12-2003, 02:47 PM

Can you realise that Fran lives in a world were is unsuccessfull life must be explain by the greed of others...

Fran, you make me laugh....

You started a whole thread based on a pun I made to answer your stupid argumentative reply. In reality the fact that I'm a player or not has nothing to do with my ability to judge your approach...

Now shut up, go practice and win tournies if it's your proffession...

Stop complaining or your boss will fire you !

That's life...

11-12-2003, 07:21 PM
If pool is a profession what are the room owners? Do you think they do this for a hobby? Far from it. If they can't make any money, why have the tourny? Check out the owners expenses especially if he does any advertising.

DG - doesn't begrudge a room owner from making a few bucks

11-13-2003, 04:45 PM
In the last two weekends, the owner of Family Billiards in SF, has added $1500 to a memorial one-pocket tourney, and another $1000 to the Woman's tour....plus free table time, etc. I can't figure out how the "greedy S.O. B." made money from them, but.....Fran must have it figured out
I've never known a room owner to make $$ from a tournament, and I've ran a lot of them, these past few years