View Full Version : A Funny Story

11-11-2003, 05:25 AM
I was talking with my good friend Ernesto Dominguez (one of the best players in the world) while we were watching his son Oscar (also a very good player) play in a local tournament. He brought up this incident that happened to him years ago when he was younger. Ernesto is known as one of the best one-handed players in the world, I got to witness this first-hand about a year ago when he ran two racks of 9-ball one-handed against me. Years ago Ernesto was in Tokyo for a big tournament. Ernesto got matched up with some no-name for $5000 a set, Ernesto playing one-handed, and the no-name playing with both hands. The no-name whips out a $15,000 Tad cue, and immediately Ernesto thought he was done for. The guy wins the toss, breaks, and runs the first rack. Ernesto said that at that time, he felt he had been suckered-in for 5 grand. The next game, the guy doesn't make a ball on the break, and Ernesto proceeds to run 3 racks one-handed. This completely rattles his opponent, and after that the guy is so shaken he can't make a ball! Ernesto wins the set for 5 grand, and after that beats the guy out of $10,000 more playing the quarter toss game! Ernesto thought he had been suckered-in for $5,000, but ends up with a huge score! What a night that must have been...