View Full Version : Racking problems

The Rhino Chaser
11-17-2003, 01:26 PM
This weekend at the Glass City Open players were given three different options when it came to how to rack the balls. Players were allowed to rack their own, have their opponent rack the balls, or have a tournment offical rack the balls for the both of them. I was wondering what everybody's thought about giving players options. I personaly feel there should be one set of rules and if you don't like it don't play. Of the three the only one that seemed to work was having an offical rack. Agruements over the rack seemed to cause more slow play than anything else as some agruements seemed to take forever.

Ralph S.
11-17-2003, 03:22 PM
Hey there Rhino. There has been plenty of previous discussion on this subject before. If I remember correctly I think the group here like the rack your own the best. I do agree that there should have been one racking format and leave it at that.