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11-21-2003, 10:26 PM
Attention,All !!!!

Usually all the players of pool(except the beginners) follow,according to the analysis my sure shot aiming system gives,THREE modes of completing (mentally)the 'geometric routine',of course, without their knowledge.They have their eyes on the ob,but they mentally they become used to complete the routine.This completion doesn't take place under conscious effort.So we don't know what exactly we have done.We come to the conclusion that we just concentrate on the ob (aim point) and hit and that the success or failure of a shot is totally a thing concerned with the 'aim point'.

Here I am giving the usual three modes of 'routine completion',I mean WHERE of it.It gives you a picture of the actual involvement of our mind in shot making and you can check and decide it for your self what mode you are following.

1)*Imagine the line of aim.

*Keep your eyes on the ob(for aim point), with the line in mind,mentally you are going to ob in the intended line,and you just come back in the same line from ob (your eyes will be on the ob only) to some distance (as much as ..so that your view of ob is not disturbed)..and ..pausing...(here the mind completes the required routine) and hitting cb.

(this is usually followed for casual pocketing)

2)*Same as in case one.

*....Just coming back from ob to some distance and going forward through the almost the same distance ...i.e getting two line portions ,one behind the ob and one past ob....and pausing..(here the mind completes the routine on both the line portions) and hitting cb.

(this is usually done in case of desperate or say 'serious' moments)

3)*Imagining the 'line of aim'...going in the same line (mentally but with your eyes on ob) forward....and before hitting....coming back to cb...extendig the line backwards ,behind the cb, and pausing ..allowing you to complete the routine on this line portion behind the cb.


The Watchdog
11-22-2003, 03:18 PM
My. Good luck with your game. I submit that your initial thought, or foundation, is the problem. The use of the word "aim" signifies the wrong starting point. One must not aim, but simply play the CB to the next spot. Generally you whack an object ball on the way.
As with any feat requiring a synchronicity of thought and action, concentration and faith are paramount. Simply train yourself to be the ball at impact. They say genius sees the answer before the problem, it seems simple then that non genius just has different thought "patterns" or tangents, or approaches. The end destination can be achieved by both. It is a matter of being aware of the destination, and recognizing it when one arrives.
Take out the variables, by having a perfect stroke, and then find the brain matter that enables you to feel the forces within the CB at the impact point. Anyone can do it, most just don't believe they can.
A certain player, known as the Magician, does this very well. But then of course, comes the problem presented to the brain after sinking 50-60 flawless, perfect shots. Doubt creeps in, along with the wonder and amazement, and it is all over.

11-23-2003, 08:23 AM
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As with any feat requiring a synchronicity of thought and action, concentration and faith are paramount.

You say concentration .....concentration on what guarantees the sucess of the shot?Is it just enough if we conc.only the aim point..or the line of aim...? what is the actual thing that needs our concentration?Also what is actually happening when concentration is there and what happens when conc.is not there? Can you make it clear ...please.