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In 1947 a Dutchman, Mirin Dajo, demonstrated to audiences in the Corso Theatre in Zurich, that he could allow an assistant to plunge a fencing foil right through his body, even through vital organs, without any apparent harm. Dajo did not bleed at the removal of the foil, and only a faint red line marked where the foil had pierced. A Swiss doctor, Hans Naegeli-Osjord, hearing of Dajo's alleged wild talent, induced him to allow scientific investigation of what happened when he was pierced. In the Zurich Cantonal hospital many people, including doctor Naegeli-Osjord, doctor Werner Brunner, the chief of surgery at the hospital, and a number of other doctors, students, and journalist observed and reported on the experiment. In front of them Dajo stripped to the waist and after spending some time in meditation, had his assistant once more plunge the steel through him. This should have damaged vital organs, but there was no apparent harm, although the witnesses were shocked. Dajo was then asked to allow an x-ray to be taken with the rapier still in place. He agreed, walked to the x ray theatre with the foil still in place. The result of the x-ray undeniably showed Dajo was pierced through vital organs. At a later date Dajo was again examined by scientists in Basel, and this time allowed the doctors themselves to pierce him. Each time there was no apparent harm. This case was reported by the German physicist Alfred Stelter in his book Psi-Healing



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Check out the photos . here (http://www.mirindajo.nl/800.html)