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Cueless Joey
12-03-2003, 07:00 PM
Iraqi Boxers Prepare to Return to Olympics

By Rich DiBona

Iraqi athletes in the past were "motivated" by the evil and sadistic Uday Hussein who was president of the Iraqi National Olympic Commitee. He used torture and imprisonment as ways to get through to the Olympians. With Uday now gone forever, the Iraqi athletes are happy and excited about the prospects of the 2004 Olympics. Boxers have now begun competing to attempt to qualify for the games.

The fighters are being supplied new equipment including shoes, mouthpieces and boxing gloves by the Americans. "I have been practicing boxing since 1993 and I never had better equipment, " said one member of the Iraqi team, Ayad Farhat. "It is great. We are really motivated."

Uday had the boxers buy their own equipment and paid them 2 dollars a month. They are now getting $150 a month from America.

The new boxing club in Al Hillah has dormitories with bunk beds and a pair of boxing rings.

"With God's will and with the help of the Americans, we will achieve good results and raise the Iraqi flag in Athens,'' said coach Abdul-Zahara Jawad.

"We feel much better. Our salaries are good, our needs are met. The Americans are offering moral support,'' said fighter Zuhier Khudier. "Now we will be motivated by national pride, not by fear of Uday.''

"Our Olympic committee was run by cruel people who didn't know anything about sports,'' said another boxer, Majid Khitan. "They were corrupt people only looking for bribes and money.''

The team also has an American trainer helping them. Maurice "Termite" Watkins was a great amateur and was a contender at 135 and 140 pounds as a pro. Watkins was carried out on the shoulders of the Iraqi team after the competition in Karbala on Tuesday.

"So what if he is American?" asked Bahaa Abdel Hussein. "The important thing is that he is helping us to reach the Olympics. We are athletes and we are not interested in politics."

"The American coach is a thousand times better than the former coaches," said Farhat.

Watkins joins a group of 4 Iraqi trainers who work 4 hours a day with the boxers. He said that most of the fighters are former soldiers. "Our people have talked to the athletes," said Watkins. "Those who are Baath followers have not been selected."

The team will travel to the first qualifiers at Manila in the Philippines next month. If they are successful, they will head to China in March and Pakistan in April. The games take place from August 13 to August 29 in Athens next year. Iraqi boxers have not qualified for the Olympics since 1988.

"We have a very good chance," said Watkins. "We have a long way to go, but Iraq is back!''

12-04-2003, 07:06 AM

...With Uday now gone forever,....
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and rotting in hell hopefully.....

I guess Qtec wishes Uday was still in charge of "motivating" the Olympic team rather than the evil, imperialistic, profit-mongering Americans.