View Full Version : Info on Meucci original pool cue

04-17-2002, 10:08 PM
I purchased a Meucci pool cue on the Internet a while ago and I'm looking for more information on it. This is what I do know about it: It's approx. 20 years old (Has the first "Meucci Originals" logo on it). It's only 2 points, which makes it fairly rare, as I understand. The points are black with a green border. The shaft and the handle are original and in very good shape (Only has a few scratches around the joint) and still looks glossy new. The wood hasn't shrunk (It's still the same width as the ferral) and the shaft has been waxed but is still straight. The hollow end cap has a sticker inside that says "00011169" and nothing else. It came with an old looking Cobra hard case.

Can anyone tell me more about this stick? When exactly was it made? How many like it were made? How valuable is it? Would a collector be interested in a stick like this? Is there a place I can get it offically appraised?

Thanks for any info at all!