View Full Version : Is Pechauer making a cheaper cue???

12-17-2003, 02:22 PM
Does anyone know if Pechauer is putting out a cheaper cue now? I was just in a store that carries a few billiard products, cues are usually "players" cues with a few Mcdermott and Meucci mixed in. I happend to notice a couple of cues that had the Pechauer signature on the forearm. These cues were tagged at around $150 and a couple even less. I thought their cues sold for more than that? Anyone have any suggestions?

12-17-2003, 04:04 PM
There is a line called "JP" that are lower cost value cues. They retail starting at $220, so a $150 street price seems reasonable. If I recall correctly they have a "JP" logo in script on the collar, as opposed to the signature on the forearm of his other cues.

If the cues you saw had signatures, you were probably looking at their Pro H or Pro J cues. I have a Pro H and it's an upscale sneaky Pete - good cue. These can be had for a street price of about $175 - $200. The Pechauer website gives most of the retail prices, dealers sell for less usually.