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12-18-2003, 08:16 PM
At the Reno tournament, a player was in the practice room, and a young guy wants to play for some $$. Player A says he's had a couple of beers, but maybe they could play for $100...the other guy relates the offer to his backer, returns and says the backer won't let him play for less then $500....after a few minutes "A" agrees, and off we go to the backer. Kid comes back and says aren't you the guy that just beat(*****)? "My backer won't let me play you"
That was the don't publish any names version about gambling. Pool/gambling?????????? on sunday????
Player A had just beaten T-Rex, Tony Chohen..9/3, and went on to win the tournament, $12k
But I wasn't there for the first time in several years....and the story is second-hand...might not have happened.
If I saw xxxx chalking up, I might have challenged him to a game, and I can't run 3 balls.....
disclaimer: since I have posted no names; I believe I have not violated the N.C. rules of non-reporting of gambling? activity amongst pro players