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12-20-2003, 05:42 PM
hey everyone,
hi my name is mike. i am a 17 year old pool player and this christmas i have decided to ask for a new pool cue. as of now, i am playing with a graphite 2 piece excalibur. I have had it for over three years now and i am looking at moving up in the "Cue World." I was thinking of staying away from graphite this time, but i still have no clue on what to get. My skill level is pretty good i think. I can beat anybody that i know, however i do know that probably doesnt tell u guys anything, and trust me they(the people i know) suck anyway. Basically im just trying to say that im a half way decent pool player. My price range is somewhere around 200-300. Any advice would be great. Thanx.

Scott Lee
12-20-2003, 06:07 PM
Mike...Welcome to the CCB. We get this question at least once a week here. You'll probably get some responses, but I'd suggest doing a 'search' of the CCB for "buying a new cue". That will give you lots of answers, without us regulars having to repost every time a newbie asks that question. To give you an answer, there are LOTS of brands of cues that fit into your price range. All of them a good quality, and buying a cue is a selective thing to the person that's going to use it. You should try to go to a billiards store, and hit some balls with several different cues. Main brands include Viking, McDermott, Meucci, Huebler, Cuetec, Predator, and many many others. Almost any of them would suffice, and would be better than the 'excaliber' cue you have been playing with. There are many online billiard stores, where you can see pictures of these, and many other cues. Good luck!

Scott Lee