View Full Version : Shopping at Victoria Secrets. Oh the horror

12-24-2003, 09:58 AM
OK, so I decide to go buy my sister in law something for Christmas even though she told me she didn't want anything (yeah, a woman that doesn't want a present). A girlfriend of mine suggests a gift certificate from Victoria Secrets.................good call. So I cruise to the mall and find the store.............beautiful women behind the counter, in the store, low rider jeans, lower back tatto's and cleavage is everywhere /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif. This is South Florida Man Heaven. I jump into line, 30 places back I am. Suddenly I hear a crash!!!!!!! and this woman doesn't pick it up she just keeps going, then another crash, then another, and another. Women are stampeeding the place and going bannanas!!!!!!!!! Ladies relax, it's ok. So I'm standing in line and a very attractive lady walks up to me and asks me if I want to buy a Sting CD for $5. No thanks, not a fan, informed her I didn't like the Police really and Sting blows. So we start talking and I ask her what I should get my sister in law. Bam, she comes back with 2 gift packages (that were on sale 25%) and says "Pick one"...............I'm not falling for that trick because I'll definitely pick the wrong one and I just tell her I'll take 'em both. Smash, more stuff falls to the floor as the stampede continues...........women are nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was hit on by a 16 year old girl at Toys-R-Us the other day because I bought my niece "Chicken Dance Elmo" and I must be the coolest guy in the world and flirted with endlessly by a very cute girl (who couldn't be more than 16 though sure could have been in the right light /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif) at the Limited II (where I must say the ladies shopping were much more cordial).


12-24-2003, 10:15 AM
Ah, this reminds me why I enjoy the wonders of E-shopping. If I could just quit my job, I'd never have to leave the house.

12-24-2003, 11:31 AM
Funny. I was in Fredricks of Hollywood with my good friend the other day shopping for his wife. He picked out a nice maid outfit for her (I prefer nurses myself LOL). Anyway we are the only guys in the store, and there is a family of 4 women including a 4 year old girl. She comes up and asks "What are you guys doing in here?". Then her mom called her back over and we all had a good smile. Funny.