View Full Version : Tough tourneys..play harder?

12-30-2003, 10:09 AM
Lately I have been playing some horrendous 9-ball...too much 8ball perhaps. Been two and out in the past two weeks mainly due to my own faults. Missing on the 6,7 or 8...scratching on break and leaving cheese...getting slopped on by bad safes. Feeling like I was stroking good but ending up dogging the wins.

Last night we had a large 9ball tourney...if you call 19 people large...with most good caliber players. I'd say at least 12 with legitimate shots to win it. This made for people having tough draws and good players being out in two. I had a bye and a halfway easier road than most. But still I didn't want to let my guard down and concentrated on making every ball or playing smart. I ended up winning with missing one ball, scratched off two safety attempts (bad angle off carom), and didn't make a ball on three breaks. On semi-difficult shots I played good safes instead of going for the 50/50 shots.

Why don't we do this all the time? I don't get how one day you can be so bad, and one day so good. Guess you just have to learn to limit the bad days. I guess I must play down to the level of my competition and not concentrate as I should. Man I love this game. One mental slip up and it'll cost ya...and multiple racks if you are playing good players.