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04-19-2002, 04:14 AM
Playing my 9-ball league last night, I had to give my opponent 1 on the wire, race to 7-he's up 3-0! When the score is 3-3, he leaves me 4-ball up table~1 inch from rail, cueball downtable ~1 inch in front of 6-ball, so i have to bridge over 6-ball-my cuestick taps top of 6-ball, does not move it out of position,I raise my cue higher and bank the 4 downtown and run out for win!I put my score up 4-3, opponent says "You know it would be nice if you would call a foul on yourself in the future!"I say " I didnt foul, cuestick tapped top of 6, did not move it out of play and you had the opportunity to stop me if you think it was moved and I'd be glad to rerack the whole game and replay it if you want!"He declines, still seems upset and I wind up winning 7-3! Was I correct that i did not foul? Isnt a foul only on cueball?This is BCA!

Rich R.
04-19-2002, 04:21 AM
I don't play in a BCA league and I am not sure about their rules, but if the rule is cue ball fouls only, you did not foul. Rich R.~~~will be checking BCA website for rule.

04-19-2002, 07:37 AM
Hey Carol,

I think your opponent better stop smoking dope! The rule(as far as I know) is to either replace it to the previous position, or as you said, leave it if it didn't move. It's only a foul if the moved object ball would have interfered with the path of the cueball.

Eric >thinks some people should wear looser underwear

04-19-2002, 07:56 AM
This is a very good example of why people should learn the rules.

Carol. (BCA rule 1.16.1)
When you hit the 6 ball with your cue, you should have stopped and told your opponent that the 6 ball had been hit. Its their option to let it stay where it is, they move it back or ask you to move it back.

He's wrong,
Even if you hit another ball while in the act of shooting, as long as it does not come in play with the movement of other ball (crosses paths with the CB or OB) there is no foul.

Calling a foul on yourself may seem very admirable to a lot of players, but a lot of times you are not in the best position to be calling a foul on your self and maynot be the best judge of the situation anyway.

Another question;
If you both were watching the object ball and it didn't hit the rail, and your opponent asks if the cue ball hit a rail? and neither of you saw wether it did or not... do you take a poll of the pool room to see if anyone was watching?
Do you just hand them ball in hand?
What do you do? Its too late to ask for an outside opinion, that should have been done before the shot. To do so after the shot, is not fair to the shooter or the opponent.

04-19-2002, 08:07 AM
To the best of my memory, the rule is the same as Tom stated in APA. I never played BCA.

04-19-2002, 12:32 PM
Good afternoon Carol:

Personally, I think your opponent was trying to annoy or piss you off!

Dr. D.

Chris Cass
04-19-2002, 12:57 PM
Hi Carol,

It isn't a foul but it is considered polite to stop and inform your opponent that you, touched the ball. If it had moved? It's your opponent's option to put it back or leave it where it lies.

It's all about having respect for your opponent and a show of honesty. A foul was just a bad choice of words. Although at one time, some tourney's if you touched a ball with your clothing, it was considered a foul. I'm sure it was no big deal. He was most likely miffed you were out playing him and thought atleast she could do was to tell me she touched the ball. It's his right though, to point it out to you.

He'll get over it, just remember to let him know if you touched a ball even if it doesn't move in the future. Just being courtious.


C.C.~~know's what a sweetheart you are.

04-19-2002, 12:57 PM
Since he waited until the game was over he was just crying sour grapes. Most likely trying to upset you. Fouls have to be called immediately, not next week. But as Tom stated when you touched the 6 ball you should have looked at your opponent and see what his choice is. No foul, but it is his option to leave the ball or replace it. Since it didn't move all he can do is acknowledge you touched it and let you continue. The only exception is if you are playing a masse or jump shot. Then touching another ball besides the cue ball is a foul. Ever have someone shoot and accidently move another ball with his cue and then he moves the ball back without asking his opponent? I understand doing that is a foul, but have yet to see it called. If I like the new position I will yell "leave it" before he can move it. Jake

04-19-2002, 01:36 PM
Carol, you've went and done it again!! kidding you know. Get into the habit of saying, I touched or tapped or moved that ball, unless this is your first time!! We all have made that mistake.

04-20-2002, 03:21 AM
Hello everyone:

I never play in a BCA league. Does league play cue ball foul only?
If it’s not, I think the following rule should apply. And I think it is a foul.


It is a foul to strike, touch or in any way make contact with the cue ball in play or any object balls in play with anything (the body, clothing, chalk, me- mechanical bridge, cue shaft, etc.) except the cue tip (while attached to the cue shaft), which may contact the cue ball in the execution of a legal shot. Whenever a referee is presiding over a match, any object ball moved during a standard foul must be returned as closely as possible to its original position as judged by the referee, and the incoming player does not have the option of restoration.

04-20-2002, 03:22 AM
That is too funny! But really, he was a gentleman about it,thats why I felt bad and told him I'd replay the whole rack if he wanted too!Stay well,Eric!

04-20-2002, 03:36 AM
Thanks Tom& Stickman, I know! I had the rule package, just misplaced it! Like you said, I feel he had every opportunity to stop me-he was standing right in front of my line of aim -it was a difficult bank and risky-I did not shoot the shot quick-took more than usual strokes for it-but in the future, I will step back and ask!:)Thank you!
Dr. D-nah, I wouldnt get upset over that!:)I was more concerned with him being upset-its not worth it!:)
Chris-he's lucky I didnt have a jumpshot-you know my mantra!:)
Jake-your a sweetheart!:)Rod-ITS THE COFFEE BEANS!:0
And thank you all!
Have a great day!
Carol~better find those rules before Vegas!:)

04-20-2002, 09:12 AM
Although he may have acted polite, it was less than optimal for him to wait until the end of the game to complain. You might have resolved it issue by simply pointing at the bathroom door. That should give him the message. lol

Chris Cass
04-20-2002, 10:05 AM
If he was standing right in front of your line of aim, he was sharking and considered a foul also. So, in the casino business we call this a push. LOLLOL

Best Regards,


04-21-2002, 04:28 AM
Hi Tom,
Ha Ha hA-believe me, SOME opponents I would love to show them the bathroom door!And also a roll of DUCT TAPE!ha ha ha
Have a nice day!

04-21-2002, 04:43 AM
Hey there Chris,
Im use to a person standing in front due to the fact that, when you need a call on a shot, the ref has to stand right there, so I didnt even see him,ha ha ha!Love casinos!I found the rule book and as someone stated rule 3.21 says to look also at rule 1.16.1 which more or less states "if a player does not allow restoration of ball and shoots a shot and THAT ball comes in contact or in the region of unrestored ball,THEN IT IS A FOUL!" So,my bankshot didnt come anywhere near the "tapped 6"-Im clear!
Carol~cant wait to here the sounds of Vegas!Said my "mantra"yesterday!ha ha ha!Thanks Chris!