View Full Version : Teaching pool to a special needs child

04-19-2002, 05:58 AM
To Instructors or teachers and the expirienced at this.

I am a care provider to a child with Aspergers syndrome.(high funtioning autism).

This boy is 15 and is capeable physically.
He gets obsessed with activities he likes.
Also gets frustrated when things are not perfect.
I have taken hime out to play three times now and it was interesting to say the least.
I have started him with the absolute basics to begin with, such as , stance getting down, allignment, etc. Also simply making the balls into pockets.
On his second time out, I allowed him to beat me at a game.
The pride and joy he got from that taste of the win was amazing!
If anyone here has had any expirience with this type of thing, please share some pointers with me if you can.

Thanks, Bobby