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01-01-2004, 02:46 AM
In the game of pool we all arrive in situations where we stop the cue ball much to close (an inch or so) to the next ball.In those situations we have to jack up to avoid double hitting the object ball and fouling.Here's something that I tried and nobody told me about that works really well for me especially for those reaching (jack up) shots off the rail and a little bit more up the table (towards the middle) where jacking up is more of a problem.I pull out my jump stick and jack it up 35- 45 degrees (more or less) or so, choke up some and use a DART stroke. I find I pot balls with extreme accuracy in a lot of these situations.In other situations where I want to impart some backspin (or near rail) I use my regular cue as it of course has a better tip for doing so.I find my regular cue bulkier (longer) than the jump cue and although successful on many occasions that I can be a little less accurate percentage wise than when I use my short jumpstick which is much easier (for me) to sight with because of its smaller size.Especially on REACH jack up shots.What I say here is something you can experiment with and is something that I taught myself and didn't learn from any pro or pool book.I don't claim to be a teacher so please feel free to experiment at your own discression.If it works for you, use it,if it doesn't don't.All I know is that it works great for me.RJ

01-01-2004, 10:34 AM
I've used the JC for awkward shots instead of the long stick, but I haven't used it in the particular situation you mentioned. I can see what you're talking about, and will try it today for a few practice hits, or for real if it comes up in my games today. Thanks...sid