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01-12-2004, 03:10 PM
Someone posted this on billiards-pool.net but I thought I would bring it over here.

Here is mine:

The one that really stands out in my mind was in my 2nd year of playing pool at college. I was mainly a shot maker 8ball player with not a lot of cueball control, but I could make shots from anywhere.

I was playing at the ACUI regional tournament at U. of Montana when I was a Sophomore. I won match after match close including two hill-hill, until I reached the winners bracket semis. I played a guy from Western Washington and was down 6-5 race to 7. I won my 6th game to tie it up. I broke and made a ball, eventually playing one of my few safes and got ball in hand. Each shot got a little harder and harder, but I kept making them. I got down to the 9ball with a wicked back cut to save from scratching. By this time there was 60+ people watching my match including 10 or so from my own school. I walked around the table about 4 times just to get my composure. Finally after looking from the 9ball side one last time, I shook my head...walked around the table, got down stroked twice and fired the 9 in the pocket without hesitation only to be mobbed by all of my teammates and a few others. Man that was great. Of course I got destroyed by a semi-pro claiming to be in community college 9-2 in the finals but that was okay. He was later (after the tourney) disqualified for not completing his classes. Still a great moment.

Mike H
01-12-2004, 07:53 PM
Two unbelievable ones for me:
First one was at a US Open qualifier in PA a couple years back. I brought a guy I had just met the night before at my home room, he was in town from Mississippi for a couple months working for a cross-drilling company. We had played a few sets of 9-ball with me giving him the 7, all of which I won. I end up drawing the kid when it got down to the last 8 on the winner's side and led 6-3 in a race to 7. I missed an easy 1-9 combo and hung up the 9. He makes the combo and snaps in the 9 the next 3 games, with the 9 getting kissed in the side each time. Then as we shook hands he said to me, "Ah tooooold you ah had a good break!" He had to walk home LOL
Then last summer I played a NE Players Tour event (somehow got talked out of going to the casino) and was playing pretty well. Third round on the winners side, I was down 5-3 racing to 6 and my opponent is shooting the hanger of all hangers on the 9. He dogs it, then swats it into the pocket with his cue, costing him that game and the next as his penalty. Since it was an alternating break format, he had the next break and scratched and left me a wired 1-9 combo, which I made to win the set 6-5. He whined and cried and begged me to gamble the rest of the day, but I was enjoying watching him stew in his own sh-- too much to oblige him. I would've traded my prize money from that day to watch him squirm some more.

01-12-2004, 08:02 PM
Mine was a small out of town tournament some friends and I had gone to, no one there new me exept for another small group of players from my home town. We were having a calcutta and I knew I would get myself for 10 dollars as nobody would bid on me. Well one of the guys from the other group started to bid me up, I finally bought myself and then bid on him when he was up. I ended up buying him. I won the tournament and he came in second /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif It was one of my first tournament wins and a great memory.

01-13-2004, 07:48 PM
It's good to hear someone say that when you can play in a tournament and know one cares who you are.

My best memories are playing in tournaments when people didn't care who they were playing and had the heart just to want to win the event. I didn't care if there were pro's, semi pro's, road players, masters, A, B, C, D, ETC... & women & kids.

This is not robbing or stealing, it's just wanting & loving to play pool.

Get rid of all the handicap tournaments & the BCA HIT LIST.

These people are ruining pool and have been for the last 15 years.


01-13-2004, 09:32 PM
This is a great and fun question!

There are so many that come to my mind. On a personal note one that will always mean alot to me was I think in 1996 or 7 it was a Texas Express 9-Ball Tour stop in Sterling VA. I used to occassionally suffer from anxiety whenever I was in competition. This stemmed from an event that occured when I was a teenager at a golf tournament that I was in the top 4. Well anyway. In the 9-ball event in Sterling, I was a bundle of nerves. The type where you feel your heart pounding and you feel your body temperature rise. I lost my first match horribly to someone I knew I technically should have beat easily. In my second match, I found myself 4-0 in a race to 7 but because of mental errors cause by my own anxiety. I was frustrated and while sitting I decided I was not going to go down in flames like this. So I decided to take control of my nerves. I closed my eyes and thought about some of the hatha breathing techniques I had read about and learned as a girl from my mother who was a rather holistic thinker. So here I am sitting in this chair with my eyes closed, breathing in slowly and methodically while counting in my head 1,2,3,4,5,6, then slowly and in the same way breathed out while doing the same count. After a few minutes my respiration lowered to a normal level and when I opened my eyes I was relaxed. I went on to win that match 7-4. The next day I found myself in the finals from the losers bracket. This time going into that match I decided to try the same breathing relaxation method that I had used to control my stress but this time to be able to focus as well. The table seemed like it floated in it's own fog. I knew there were about 80 or so other players and spectators around the table watching the match but I wasn't conscious of them while I played. All that existed was the table, the balls, my chair when necessary. I was on autopilot. I needed to win two races to 7 to win. First set my opponant, who I also wasn't really all that conscious of while we played, she and I see sawed back and forth till we were tied 4-4. Then something happened - she never won another game. From what I was told later, in the subsequent 11 games, I broke and ran 4. To this day I don't remember details of the match. I do know that I have never suffered anxiety of any real nature since and use that same meditative breathing when I really need to focus. I learned the power of our minds that day.

The second tournament that will always be memorable to me was just last month in Las Vegas at the Mosconni Cup. Everything about it was wonderful, from the matches, the atmosphere, seeing some old and dear friends and aquaintences and meeting new ones. The MGM itself was great and I highly recommend the spa to anyone : ) I am a fan of what Matchroom Sport has accomplished and they are a class act! It was announced that the Mosconni Cup will be played everyother year in the US. This is wonderful on so many levels non of which is it will allow more US Pool Players and lovers to attend one of the most exciting pool events currently being held.