04-20-2002, 08:35 AM
One nighT i was in poolroom and lounge not far from home . There was a kid who had been woofing at me for 2yrs to come and play him .Me being the better player i just ignored it.But this time i woofed at him . I WAS READY TO SHUT HIM UP...We played a race to 6 for $100.00 and i won the set 6 nothin.As i was taking my cues apart i put them in my case . And then i went to shake his hand to say good game .i enjoyed it . And he swung on me. i thought he had more sense than that.BUT APPARENTLY NOT I GUESS ,,,But any way it was a brawl which was uncalled for but i think all gambling is just in a days work for me ..... I think wether your playing just for $1 THERE WILL BE A ARGUMENT OR SCUFFEL .My scenario on gambling is simply it's a tough JOB but someones got to doit. AND IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME ASK SCOTT FROST A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE HE'LL TELL YA . JASON ''THA TWISTER ''LAURIA

Chris Cass
04-20-2002, 01:01 PM

People don't fight over losing at gambling. People fight over the way, you come across taking their money. A lot of players woff and lose or win. It's the respect at the time of winning that is the issue. If someone woff's and wins, than a simple, I apologize for giving you such a hard time and you played good, is usually a good reply. Not thanks, I enjoyed it. You don't have to punk someone to get even with woffing. The "W" is good enough and will stop the woffing all togather.

I've been gambling and been around gamblers all my life, but it doesn't take that to realize all people want is respect. You beat someone then disrespect them as you take their money, you'll be fighting all your matches. Also, lose a lot of action in the process.

Hope this helps a little,


04-20-2002, 05:06 PM
Whenever you gamble you get what you deserve. If you are a gentleman you get a handshake or a pat on the back. Sometimes you even get asked to play another set. If you are a jerk and act cocky you get a punch in the mouth. You also lose any chance of ever playing that person again. As the old saying goes you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.