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01-15-2004, 10:28 PM
I'm on the fence about what I should buy next, I already have an Action AE03 and I'm looking to upgrade. I heard somewhere on this board that the hit is "10% in the butt and 90% in the shaft" and I was wondering whether I should buy either a new predator shaft and keep the Action butt or I was also looking at the Scorpion SCORP30 which I also like. My question is, what do you think the better deal would be? It would be cheaper if I just bought the predator shaft but I wonder if it would be like putting new $2000 rims on a Geo Metro.

Thanks for any help!

01-15-2004, 10:35 PM
also, does anyone know what size thread the action cue has? I tried looking on the online billiards stores but to no avail.


01-16-2004, 02:33 AM
I see no reason to keep the Action butt. Same for the Scorpion.

I think the best value out there for a Predator (if you don't already have a quality cue to fit a shaft onto) is their Sneaky Pete. I like the wood to wood model, and that's only $276 on Seyberts or Billiardswarehouse.

The green trim looks really nice as well.


01-16-2004, 07:21 AM
If ya wanna buy a Predator go buy Houston Dan's model, the SP or the ex-Kato model, the SLP. If you've never played with a Predator or Predator shaft I suggest you do so. My Predator "experiment" cost me about $650 (purchase of 2 cues and 1 shaft for a play cue) and now get the same amount of use as my baseball cards and collectable Monopoly games.

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01-16-2004, 07:34 AM
I agree. If you are set on a 314 shaft, you might aswell pay the next 100.00 on it and get a Predator SPW or SPJ, depending on if you like wood to wood, or the silver joint. I actually started with that cue, and I loved it.

If you end up with one, and down the road you invest in a higher cue, or custom cue, you can always you it for a break cue. Also, you can easily sell a predator again due to the name alone. As Kato mentioned, it cost him alot to know he didnt necessarily like it, so many people do this, then go to sell them.

I have been to many local tourneys and you can pick up used 314 shafts from people anywhere from 50.00 to 100.00. Just a thought if ya ever need a spare.

Fred Agnir
01-16-2004, 08:04 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote srvrules:</font><hr> My question is, what do you think the better deal would be? It would be cheaper if I just bought the predator shaft but I wonder if it would be like putting new $2000 rims on a Geo Metro.<hr /></blockquote>IMO, when people say things like "90% of the hit is in the butt" understand that the number and the saying are just a number and a saying. And people will disagree on the numbers, as well as the definition of "the hit." Also, in no way is putting a Predator Shaft on a cue analogous to putting $2K rim on any car. Inlaying diamonds on your Action Cue is analogous. And a Predator Shaft is not like putting diamonds on a shaft.

The closer analogy, IMO, is whether or not you want a manual or automatic shift in your next vehicle. There are advantages to either. Disadvantages to either. Going from one to another will take a period of adjusting if you've never done the latter. If you've never done either, then not knowing what the other is like doesn't disqualify you from Sainthood.

Best to try before you buy.


Harold Acosta
01-17-2004, 01:03 PM
Action thread is a 5/16 inch 18 thread, just like most Meucci, Helmstetter, Players, Adam, Rage, Orchid, Huebler, JJ's, Crest, Aska, Licos, Cooper, Mizeraks, Minnesota Fats, Excalibur, Playboy, etc.