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04-21-2002, 02:12 AM
Several years ago, I had a local New Orleans man replace two cue tips. i supplied the tips as his selection wasn’t very impressive. I suspected by his manner and modest set up that this guy wasn’t properly educated in modern cue construction. The prices were beyond low (7 dollars for a tip replacement including a free shaft refinish). I had worries that he may have never seen a laminated tip before, let alone know what to do with it. He had a tiny portable lathe at the now closed “ Big Easy Billiards” pool hall hidden in a popularly used mall, in residence during any tournament. Well, he put the tips on well. I had to only wait an hour...the shaft refinishing I thought would need much time before I could use the shaft., but he assured me…”go try it out”. Upon first touch I was shocked, the shaft felt like true perfection, cool slippery glass. I was a fool to assume incompetence…he was talented. I brought all of my cues to him for the next few years. Now I cannot find anyone, or any products (tried the Q clean kit, Q silk, > 1500 sandpaper, etc) that can create such a fine finish. I am now looking into scientific instrument grade abrasives, and extremely hard finishes (”Rock Hard” and even “West Systems” epoxy) that will take an extremely fine polish. I know it may sound absurd but I actually play better with a more glassy finish, no exaggeration. Maybe just a mental thing but it does improve my game. Any help or hints that I have not tried will be greatly appreciated. I hope to be able to at least equal what this gentleman did. He remains unequalled so far ...no other local Cue maintenance folks have come close. If you know of the gentleman I am referring to then please post. This is my Holy Grail in a sense, the most amazing shaft finish possible. If I have success with the extreme fine abrasives and extra hard finish I’ll surely make a follow up post. Of note, New Orleans is a sauna, high heat and perpetual 100% humidity (really). Perhaps this is a factor in why I cannot match the quality from years ago. Maybe this man learned a secret to adjust to such conditions. Any information and/or ideas greatly appreciated.
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