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01-20-2004, 07:33 PM
I found this post somewhere and know the guy who wrote it .The subject was what was a great moment in your billiard/Pool history . This Jerked a tear from my eyes .Maybe it will you also .

I would say that Most memerable moments with the was with one of the greatest poolshooters that ever lived . As a Kid my mother was supporting us (no father around never could find out who he was she would never say) But she had friends at the local hospital she had worked at .One of her patients she also took care of at home .(It was a woman not there yet).So we would go endless weekends to help this lady out with her heathcare whatnot .We are talking 30 years ago.While we were there her husband took a special interest in me I guessed being that my mother had watched his wife for 10 years or so by then (I was 6) .We would spend hours and hours cleaning cues and going over his brunswik table . He would polish and polish that table.After about a year of cleaning and polishing and might I add a few fishing trips started also he started showing me how to stand and bridge and another year I was playing pool.As a child you do not realise but I thought one day hey his wife has been gone for 1 year now .I asked my mother and she said he was a lonly old man and you guys have fun don't you ? I could not help but to be reserve as it was an issue he never talked about .He was about 85 at at time .A few more years went buy of just playing pool in the basement of this country house . We would hardly ever talk but had a look that would gaze between us at a great shoot or a wonderfull plan.One day out of the blue he said to me ( I have given you the best thing I had to offer)Then I went home that day and at night we had gotten a call from his family that he had passed on.He had a full family they were just grown and out on thier own . I cannot even start to think of all the things I should have said to the man for being like the father I never had .All the time we said nothing while he smoked his cigar.A few years later my mother did get married and life went on. The man became abusive and I was found at 15 years old out on the street .I dont remember how it started exactly but man I ate up the poolrooms -Bars-and all the private games there were.They never even knew what straight pool was and to run only 9 balls was nothing.Somewhere down in south florida while me and another poolbum were traveling our circut for the summer I was in a poolroom and low and behold I saw a picture of myself and the old man up on the wall behind the counter . I asked the owner where he got that but I did not let on it was me .It was me and the old man polishing the brunswik table in the basement .He said yes that is "XXXXXXXX" and his son polishing a table . I ran with him for years .When his wife got sick her nurse and him got together one night and she had that boy right there "pointing at the picture" and the boy was with him till the end but not a sole knew that was his son not even the son.You see he had a family and it was agreed it would be best as his stature as a professional pool player that it just stay hidden.At the time pool was looked down upon and he wanted it to become more liked by families rather than looked at as bad atmosphere were all the no goods hang out. When I asked what he meant by stature I was floored .My pop was one of the greatest players that ever lived.Immiediently I wanted to tell the world but then I thought about those quiet jestures we made at each other."Yes you did give me the greatest thing on the earth pop you gave me pool".Guess what.POP I have a son and "I will give him the best thing I can offer".I will give him pool.

01-20-2004, 07:56 PM
Thanks Fox, that reminded me of a chance I missed in my childhood with a step grandfather who made lots of money gambling in pool, but I never recognized the opportunity before it was way too late. Your printed story was very inspiring...sid

01-20-2004, 08:17 PM
Your Welcome . I think it kinda brings back something for us all.