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04-21-2002, 08:21 AM
Does anyone have a listing of the payouts for the 64 player regular tour events? Would like to know the payouts all the way down to the 49-64 place finishers.

04-21-2002, 10:29 AM
Good morning Karla;

The WPBA payouts vary however, as is the case with most events, they do pay deep into the field right down to the 64th player. I have seen payouts, at the very low end, range from $350.00 to $500.00. Mike Hurst, who also posts here on a regular basis, would be in a better position to offer more specific details. Additionally, although there is NO guarantee that you would ever receive a response, you could contact the WPBA directly and ask them for the information. If you are a PAID member of the WPBA, the information should be made available to you.

Dr. D.

04-21-2002, 10:41 AM
Payouts for Alpine are as follows...


04-21-2002, 02:24 PM
Thanks for the info!

Didn't the last tournament have a better payout? I thought I read that first place paid $10000. Why would they be different?

Just curious,

04-21-2002, 02:47 PM
Good afternoon Karla:

Yes, your memory serves you well. First play in Valley Forge paid out $10,000.00

Unfortunately due to variables in sponsorships and endorsements, the purse for every event may vary significantly.

Dr. D.