View Full Version : Balisis stuff .Greenleaf and Crane

01-22-2004, 06:05 AM
Stories "verifiable also wanted " Besides any of the Big online dealers have any of you guys got any of Joes cues you want to part with ?Also I would be interested in the smaller items he had related to billiards / pool and definatly pictures as at the later part of my life I plan to make a small gallery with some legends in it and hope my bloodline will continue to build on this .I have a great amount of stuff now from different players but would like a good shot of Joe's .Heck I traded my 79 trans am special edition to a guy for a great collection for this and that was the dream car of my life. Also any Crane stuff or Greenleaf . Now I dont want no million dollar things . I have slowly taken my nest egg and all my extras to get what I do have .I do have enough funds to make deals though . I was reserve about the auction on ebay and did not participate and I should have just went after the stuff.Please Email me do not post the stuff on here just the stories.Thanks , Fox
Email me with anything you may have that you would want to sell or I can trade cues or whatnot for it also .