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01-22-2004, 08:48 AM

Im shopping for a table in the Atlanta area and wanted to get your opinions on a few things. I have seen a lot of the table manufacturers so far except 2 big ones, Brunswick and Connelly. Will go there Saturday. A couple of concerns I have are how the rails are secured and how to prevent the slate from popping.

1st. I have read tnuts or floating plates are the best ways to secure the rails. A couple of manufactures, A.E. Schmidt & American Heirloom (Gandy), use threaded inserts. Are the inserts inferior to the other methods, ie, more easily stripped out? Am I putting to much importance on it?

2nd I know of a couple of people who have bought tables recently and have had to have the dealer come back to relevel after the slate has popped. I see that Proline actually screws in there slate at the side and the middle of the table. They cover the holes with beeswax as well as the seams. Is this a better way of doing it or does it present its own problems? I have read on the forum about Liquid Dowels so that is an option if I could get the installer to use it.

3rd. If anybody has had a real good or bad experience with any of the Atlanta dealers please let me know.

I am probably looking in the 3-3500 range installed. I have also ordered a spec sheet and price list from Diamond, but there are no dealers in the state. I can only fit an 8' home table in my basement. Possibly could do an 8' pro but it would be squeezed in on one side. So if an 8' pro GC popped up I would be tempted. Weighing dealer service as a very important part of the decision. The Kasson dealer only would come out to relevel for 30 days free of charge. That and them not having any Slate actually on their tables in the showroom bothered me.

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01-22-2004, 03:46 PM
I purchased a table from AH in December(an 8-foot Cambridge in Cherry). I have had a very positive experience thus far. We were looking for a fine furniture-grade piece that also played well. I did have a problem with the shield leather pockets (manufacturing defect), but they are replacing those. No problems whatsoever with service after the sale. I am having them recover it with Simonis 860, though. It is an optional upgrade when you buy. I should have gone ahead with that in the first place. Live and learn. The table plays very evenly, the rails are "live" and consistent and the slate has proven true to this point. 100% hardwood framing is a definate plus. I am glad I went with them.

Regarding holes in the middle of the slate, that sure doesn't sound like a good idea to me.