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01-23-2004, 11:29 AM
Here's a Golfing great that i bet nobody's even heard of. Moe Norman. He's a Canadian golfer that FINALY and Waaaay past overdue got inducted into the Canadian Golfers Hall of Fame......Ya there is one haha.

While I've noticed Americans tend to Idolize and Imortalize thier "heroes". We Canadians are great at downplaying, or simply forgetting all about ours. But Boy, there's a BIG story here just begging to be told.

Moe Norman, who's he? Only the guy regarded by the legends of the game as the best ball striker that ever lived. He has the perfect swing, straight as an arrow, whereever he wanted it, every single time. Moe was the original rain man of golf. So eccentric though that he was never wellcomed into the PGA. I guess he still plays at his old Coarse in Kitchener Ontario. Titalist has given him a 5000 dollar a month for life pension, no strings attached, just because. Moe never dated, he lived in rented rooms, or cars his whole life. But Golf! Well i don't think anyone could have kept up with him. It's said he hit at least 3oo balls a day for a good twenty years. He'd hit them out there and tell everyone how many times they'd bounce and be right. When he'd hit out a bucket of balls you could go out to where they all were and throw a blanket over them all. One guy tells the story of when he and Moe were teeing-up on this foggy morning. Moe couldn't see where his drive ended up so just for the hell of it he hit out 2 more drives. so they're walking down the fairway to play there second shot's when this guy say's to Moe "look at the size of that mushroom in the middle of the fairway!" As they got closer he discovered that it wasn't a mushroom, but all three of Moe's drives sitting in a clump. Now that's consistancy! He's got 17 or 18 Aces. Recorded ones anyway. NOT the best putter that ever lived but man, what a swing.

Just thought I'd write a bit about Moe and wonder just how many other unsung heroes there are out there. I'm guessing, alot. Anyone else want to "expose" exceptional tallent that they know of? St.

01-23-2004, 06:05 PM
Everybody around my home in NC knows about Moe. He has set over 30 course records and has 3 59's. He is known for his accuracy.