View Full Version : Happy New Year! 4702! Year of the Monkey!

01-23-2004, 02:25 PM
Kicked things off last night with a visit to VINTAGE NEW YORK, www.vintagenewyork.com (http://www.vintagenewyork.com), where they sell 5 samples of any wine in the store for five bucks.

That was followed by a visit to CHARLYS on Church Ave and Trinity Place for hot dogs. The meat was OK but it was undercooked and served on a cold bun. Very disappointing. I ordered the cheese dog and it came smothered in a ton of Velveeta which was pretty good and helped to warm up the dog. If you go there, make sure you tell them to cook that sucker. I usually like my dogs well done because no one knows what's in them.

After everyone was satiated and stuffed, the next stop was Chinatown (in Manhattan, not the one I live in in Brooklyn.) Mott Street and the environs were rife with confetti! A big party in the streets.

I finished up the evening with a stop at Ovington Lounge for a visit with Jean Balukas and some watching of the late rounds of the Open Nine Ball Tournament where nAz was in the hot seat and being cheered on by 9BallGirl.