View Full Version : Corey Duell wins ring game

01-23-2004, 08:25 PM
I was informed that Corey Duell won the ring game and the $30,000 winner takes all prize that goes with it.The player that finished 2nd apparently was his best friend on tour Alex Paguylian. Being that they are the best of friends makes me wonder if they had a pre (or after agreement) that the loser got at least something say $5000 or so.
Recently our local pro John Horsfall met Fransisco Bustamante at the International Tournament of Champions for a winner take all $50,000 first prize.According to John's good friend John approached Bustamnte before the match about the loser getting at least $5000 to which Bustamante apparently said NO.Apparently Alex Pagulyian wasn't to impressed with Bustamante even though he had a right to say no and did nothing wrong.Having said all of this,this is just a rumour that I heard from a very good friend of John Horsfall and someone I know of as a straight up person.
Has anyone heard of pros offering each other some kind of split pot payout in winner take all situations. I'm sure it goes on. I'll guarantee one thing Corey was buying the drinks. Take care, RJ