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01-25-2004, 02:15 AM
I know we have several threads going over the mental part of the game. I just wanted to share my recent dealing with it. I've been in athletics of some sort all my life, and have always known about how focus and being mentally sound for the task are keys to success. I have always kept my focus on whatever competition I was doing, until recently. I've focused serisouly on pool for about a year and a half or so and have busted my hump to be as good as I can. Towards the end of '03 I was so motivated and so positive about life I really started coming up at an alarming pace. So much so I was actually making money off of some good players and have even developed somewhat of a reputation. Suddenly I was one of those guys that would walk in and someone would say "don't play him for money." (I was used to being on the other side!) Well, as many of you here have talked with me about, I was having problems with ol' girl (still am unfortunately), blew all my money (on her of course), re-developed my problems with alcohol, got a DUI (went to jail), then not 2 weeks later totaled my truck (drunk again, feeling sorry for myself--dumb) probably should have died. Anyway, over this month span or so of all this I was just down about everything, and my game totally suffered for it.I forgot how to be a winner.Blown away in tournaments, regularly losing league matches by large margins. I was just gone mentally. Anyway, after my wreck last weekend (one of my 9 lives and many wake up calls I have been blessed to live through) I sought help from my parents and talked to a minister and became determined to get my life straight (quitting drinking, actually working a real job, working out again, and going back to school). And so at league, I also decided that for that time, I would focus only on shooting my best and doing well for the team (rather than feeling sorry for Johnny all night). Lo and behold that very next day after my wreck (with my body seriously hurting badly) my stroke was just there without even thinking, and in 2 nights 2 straight 16-4 wins in under 15 innings with a good 6 or 7 defensive shots each night. I felt unstoppable!
Anyway, my point being was that I always knew about the mental side of things, but had never been on the wrong side of it. And it totally blows me away that even though I have the same ability from day to day, just that little loss of focus can throw things that out of whack. Sorry this is so long, just had to throw my thoughts (and life) to my friends here. take care

Chris Cass
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Hmmmmmmmm indeed.

01-25-2004, 06:51 PM
It is incredible how little (not saying what you have been goin through is little by any stretch of the imagination) it takes to loose focus. I have been practicing alot lately, and am getting very frustrated as one day Im a champ, and the next day Im a chump.

Glad to hear you are turning things around.