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David Bray
01-30-2004, 04:02 PM
Feeling like sharing a story about a cue of mine. I have an old McDermott cue that I FOUND here in the poolhall that I work at. Someone had left it here in an It's George case no one had claimed it for 10 weeks, no calls no letters or anyone coming in and asking if it was here. I had left in the office right behind the front counter. After those ten weeks went by I had just claimed it for myself and I started playing with it and I fell in love with it. The cue was in very good condition with the orginial nylon wrap on it and just a little wear on the finish of it. It's not worth a thousand dollars or anything like that but it's still a great find and an excellent cue to play with, especially since I had our local house pro make me a new shaft (the orginal shaft was too thin for me) and I've improved my game by a ball and a half. So what kind of finds have you made in your pool room and have you held on to it or sold it?

01-30-2004, 05:03 PM
I had a Joss cue sitting in my closet for more then a year before the guy came back. It was just for a rewrap and he dropped it off on his way to the airport and said he would be back in a few weeks. Over a year later he turned up at my door and asked if I still had the cue. He said he would understand if I did not. I gave him the cue and he paid me with no explanation. I have a cue now I have had for about 8 months. The guy who left it when he was here was telling me about his legal problems, I have a feeling he may be in jail. As far as the cue you have, a couple of months is too soon to take the cue. The right to take property is usually based on satisfying a debt, not just the guy doesn't know where he left of forgot his cue.

Coincidentally something like that happened to me. I left a cue in the case leaning against the bar and went home. I don't use this cue often and never even thought about it till I wanted it one day and had no idea where it was. It was not till months later when I was in the pool room, the house man said a case of mine was in the cabinet, my name is on the case. I guess it got put there the night I left it, when the bar maid was cleaning up. Because people leave cues back there all the time, no one had any reason to think I did not know it was there. I was really surprised I had left it there without even knowing it. So you never know. You may end up having to give it back to the real owner.

David Bray
01-30-2004, 10:09 PM
I understand what you're saying about taking the cue too soon. However it has now been almost 2 years and still haven't heard anything about it yet. I think whoever had left it doesn't care, doesn't remember or isn't around anymore. If the owner was to call and ask about having it back I would give it to him.