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01-31-2004, 10:03 AM
I wanted to ask for how those of you who stack up a healthy supply of tips which will be a long time getting through for personal and/or a tip install business, store these tips. Surely there are posters who a mass a lot of tips...how are they being kept, and are there any "don'ts" for storing, i.e. in a frost free freezer for instance. I keep several in the butter keeper in the frig, but nothing special is done except for zip-locking them in a bag. Y'all reckon these will hold up over years this way???sid~~~knows this was a recent thread topic

Harold Acosta
01-31-2004, 08:32 PM
I've had a whole bunch of tips at one time. Moori's, Talisman, Le Pro's, Black, Red and Brown Water Buffalo's, Brunswick, Elk Masters, Royal Oaks, Triangles and Triumph. Boxes of them (50). Elk Masters, Triangle, and Le Pros go faster than the rest, although the Talisman are also popular. The water buffalo's are for breaking cues

I purchased one of those plastic, see-through fishing boxes, with 16 compartments, about twelve by six inches. I also carry ferrules in them.

Since we dont have big temperature changes in Puerto Rico, I keep them in this plastic box year round. About 10 tips in each square for people to purchase or my personal use.

The boxes are stored in a handy, small tool box, with other little gizmos people ask for. Also, no problem there.

You could find these at Kmart or Walmart.

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