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02-06-2004, 04:28 PM
As has been posted here before, former straight pool champion and one of the top New England players over the last 30 years, and certainly one of the most entertaining personalities, Larry Lisciotti, 'The Prince of Pool', is fighting a very tough battle with cancer. I was talking to somebody this morning who said that Larry's condition has really taken a turn for the worse the last couple of days. I'm relating the following story from the Derby City Classic because he liked it so much when I told him:

Prior to one of the big televised matches at the DCC, Danny Diliberto took Scott Smith's microphone and addressed the large crowd gathered. He explained to the crowd how Larry was battling cancer and could use a little lift. He said, I've got a cell phone here and in a minute I'm gonna call Larry, and when I get him on the phone I'll give you the signal to all yell, 'Larry!, Larry!, Larry!' so he can hear all the support. Danny led the crowd in a practice round, then dialed up Larry. Sure enough, after he explained to Larry where he was, he told Larry that the crowd there wanted to send him a message, then he gave the signal -- and the whole crowd took up the chant in unison, Larry!, Larry!, Larry! Who says pool players don't care about their fellow players...

02-06-2004, 04:57 PM
Wow. I'm real surprised that I haven't heard about this sooner. I hope Larry pulls through. He is deffinitely one of the more entertaining personalities out there, as well as a heck of a shot. Hopefully everything will turn out allright.

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