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02-10-2004, 11:40 AM
First off let me humbly say that Iíve been playing for about 30 years and i play all games at a fairly high level - Nowadays, however, the two games that i play, and the only two pool/billiard games that i totally love to play, are One Pocket and 3 Cushion Billiards.........That being said, all pool games are great to play, but I believe that One Pocket and Straight Pool are the two best pocket billiard games ever invented, and also, 3 Cushion Billiards is their equal..........Although i donít personally enjoy playing Straight Pool, that does not stop me from recognizing itís perfection and itís significance - The beauty of Straight Pool lies in its straightforward simplicity = For pool players who love to pocket balls more than anything else, Straight Pool is by far the purest, and most perfectly constructed game for doing just that - Getting into a rhythm/zone, and depending on your skill level, running 40, 60, or 100 balls is very satisfying, and you'll always have the challenge/goal of achieving higher Ďrunsí ----- And One Pocket is the decathlon of pool games, offering a complex challenge to the mental and physical skills of a good player, that no other game can > Physically, you have to be capable of making every variation of straight in shot, you have to be a great banker and kicker, have mastery of every type of stroke and extreme english application, have advanced knowledge of 'exotic' kiss, carom and throw shots, play death-trap defense, and have pinpoint control of whitey - And mentally, you have to have ice water running in your veins, be prepared to jump up and loosely and smoothly shoot a game, or session deciding tough shot after youíve just gotten out of stroke by shooting 10 minutes of defensive soft stroke safetys, and Ďupstairsí you have to have the razor sharp, analytical, strategic, calculating intelligence of World Class Chess Players and the Poker Players at the Final Table of the Texas Hold-em World Series Of Poker........And the other great and constantly fascinating thing about One Pocket, is the endless situational variations that you encounter - You can play this game for thirty years, and when you go to the poolroom and play the next day, you might see ball/table layout situations that you've never seen before....(I feel pretty certain that Grady agrees with me on all of this - That's why the venue of his Legends of One Pocket Tournament last September consisted of One Pocket and Straight Pool)..........And lastly, a suggestion for all of you younger players on the forum - If youíre fortunate enough to have a table at your pool hall, i recommend that you learn 3 cushion billiards - All of the extreme stroke and english shots that youíll learn to shoot are a lot of fun and a great physical challenge, and youíll find out that down the line, youíll be able to transfer a lot of your 3 cushion billiards knowledge over to your One Pocket game ( for example, Efren and Marco Marquez are champion 3 cushion billiards players, Richie Rich and many others also play real sporty 3 cushion billiards )

02-10-2004, 12:08 PM
nice post...
one pocket forever...

02-10-2004, 01:38 PM
Good post, I mostly agree.... tough to get at the 3C table at my hall, its usually being used, mostly the older guys, or Orientals, not too many of the younger one play 3C.... next post try using one period to end sentences, and the tab key, too...makes reading a little easier,


02-10-2004, 05:31 PM
i'm fairly new to the game(s) of billiards, only been playing for a little more than year, so the only two games that i've really been playing are eight and nine ball.

recently however i've been reading up on books and have discovered other games such as one pocket and straight pool.
and damn, those games take sooo much skill, i have much to learn in getting my carom, throw, and kiss shots in order, heck i have yet to perfect banking shots. but i love to play, and just got a table at home, hopefully it'll improve my skills.