View Full Version : Moori Install On 2nd Prestige Shaft

02-14-2004, 12:16 PM
I decided that I'd make another install of the Moori Quick on the mate to the original shaft install from a couple of months back, and this time I left it about as tall as I could just to see the effects. So far I couldn't be happier. I wondered whether the hit would be exactly like the first or if the different shaft would add some differences that would be noticed, and so far this is simply not the case.

My first install was made with cutting the height down, just like I do on most every tip I put on, but I remembered the sensation of the way the ball came off of the tip when it was new, and figured that I might like the full height Moori, maybe it would retain that "new hit" feeling a bit longer. Assuming that I don't create a delamination due to side stress during hard english strokes w/o the shortened height, I believe that I'll continue to do the Moori installations this way from now on. I don't intenionally try to run down the Talisman mind you, but the Moori is really a superior tip(IMMHO)...sid~~~beginning to fully realize that the hit is all in the first 2-3 tenths of tip glued on the end of the shaft...well maybe some inches of wood too