View Full Version : One REALLY Cool Guitar

02-16-2004, 02:29 PM
I was over in a buddy's garage last night making noise with his band, and a new guy that he invited showed up carrying two cases. One was a six-string banjo and the other was one of the best-looking acoustic guitars I had ever seen.

He passed it around like it was nothing, and we all played it a little. There was a label you could see through the sound hole, signed by James Taylor and James Olson. Later someone asked him about it and he told this story about how the maker furnished one of James Taylor's favorite guitars, and they had later collaborated to create this special signature series model in the image of the one he used on stage. There are only supposed to be about a hundred made, and out of that hundred there will be ten or twenty "special editions" and the rest "standards".

The particular guitar we were playing with was the first of the special editions. It was originally presented to James Taylor, and he played it for a while, but he preferred the one he already had so he sent it back and it was sold to the guy who brought it over last night.

Well, I found all this very interesting, but mainly I was impressed by the looks and sound of the instrument, it played and sounded better than anything I had ever held. So this morning I was thinking that maybe I'd look up the company on the internet and see about getting one.

Well, the "standard" model starts at FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS, the price of "special editions" is not listed (I guess if you have to ask you can't afford it), and the value of the one we were playing yesterday is probably astronomical. I'm so damn glad I didn't drop it, the guy never did mention the price!