View Full Version : Signing off for a couple of days...

02-23-2004, 08:28 PM
Wednesday night's the night I start my cross country journey! Looking forward to the drive, and the opportunity to meet some of the CCB'ers across the country. Have to go up to CT for about a week first, but from there, it's back down to Augusta, through DFW (via the 20), down through southern NM, into Tucson for a day, then to Vegas, and ending in Monterey. If anyone is in any of the areas I'll be going through, let me know, I'd love to stop and shoot for a little while. I have about 4-5 days extra for this trip, so plenty of time to shoot some pool. I'll be online for the time that I'm up in CT, but after that, I probably won't be signing on for a few weeks after I arrive in Monterey. Hope to hear from some people!