View Full Version : Betting - What's the protocol? Will people pay?

02-25-2004, 09:36 PM
Back when my little brother and I used to play folks for small money (we never won more than $200 from anyone and truthfully, we weren't very good) we always had a problem with people refusing to pay us. After all, most of the people we played were older than us (we were about 15 and 13, respectively) and could just roll right past us out the door. A few times our older friends would be around to put a stop to such behavior, but most of the time we were powerless to collect.

Then I took a 10-year break from the game and as I start to play seriously again I'm wondering if I should even bother looking to bet on the games I play.

Was this sort of behavior typical or just endemic to the little backwoods place where we played in TN? Even as an adult I'm pretty powerless to stop someone from walking out the door if he doesn't want to pay up on a loss. I'm not going to try to physically restrain someone in this age when violence and knives and guns are common. Plus, I don't want to get on the wrong side of a criminal living here in NYC.

How do you know if people will play for money and actually pay up if they lose? How do you set the rules up front so that there can be no misunderstanding? How do you avoid getting hustled? Are there people out there that still pretend to suck until they hook you into some sort of juicy betting committment?

Lots of questions, I guess. I just want to understand whether my earlier experiences with all of this were representative or out of the ordinary.

02-26-2004, 08:33 AM
Your answers are rather easy. One, always post up the money if you don't know the guy very well, maybe even if you do. Second, hustling and laying down for a bigger bet is as common now as ever. Just be smart and play for lose-able money. Third, if you do play without posting up, make the loser pay after each set or game, whatever is the money threshold. You'd only be gambling getting stiffed on one bullet that way, not a bundle.....sid