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02-27-2004, 08:05 PM
Is Martha going to jail for something most of us would have done, given the opportunity? Here's a better idea: have her do her penance as a checkout cashier at K-Mart...she'ld be one up on the rest of the help; she speaks english, and can handle money
Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling...if Ken is innocent, he is the dumbest CEO of all time...and that includes John Skully who fired Steve Jobs at Apple, after Steve bought him aboard.
Let them read power meters in Watts for their puishment. And they should be chauffeur driven, and work in business suits.
From a newspaper awhile back, I saw that a woman in Texas was busted for selling vibrators, or PPD's. She may be on death row by now...Hey, if Peggy Bundy had one of them devices, it would have solved poor Al's problems
And this one is really only worthy of some third world country
A "career criminal" is now doing life under Ca. 3 strikes law...his crimes:
a robbery conviction at age 13, another at age 16
And the one that got him life...at age 29, or 13 years after his teen crimes, he tried to take the written driver's license exam for his cousin (they are both Latino's)so that they could get a job as roofers...a felony under Ca state law.
This is justice??