View Full Version : Bob Jewett-"Where's Your Elbow" article-BD 2/2004

03-03-2004, 10:00 AM
I've been working with this stroke with some success. I do have a problem thou. The further my backstroke is the more likely I am to raise the elbow. I have much better results if I shorted my backstroke regardless of how hard I want to strike the cue ball. I've been told that the length of the backstroke should be the same length as the follow thru. Is this true? Would I create a bad habit by controlling speed with more emphasis on the follow thru and reducing my backstroke, which gives me better accuracy?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Mike

Scott Lee
03-03-2004, 11:30 AM
Which stroke are you talking about. Bob described three distinctly different types of strokes...only one of which was the 'pendulum' stroke that almost all BCA instructors teach (including Bob). The length of the backswing is a function of using the weight of the cue and timing, to deliver the speed of the stroke. When you shorten your backswing, and then try to 'force' the cue through the cueball, you're muscling the shot...a less effecient action, imo. I do advocate a reduced backswing and followthrough for very soft strokes...where you are slow rolling the CB short distances (as opposed to the decellerating 'poke' stroke...where the tip stops at the CB...that most players use for this type of soft shot).

Scott Lee