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03-09-2004, 12:46 PM
How often should I clean my Billiard Balls and what should I clean them with.

03-09-2004, 01:03 PM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote rdees32:</font><hr> How often should I clean my Billiard Balls and what should I clean them with. <hr /></blockquote>

how often kinda depends on the table. dirty table, dirty balls. some pockets mark 'em up pretty good too.

mine are on a gc4 and i keep the cloth fairly clean so once a month does me fine. i shoot maybe 20-25hrs/week on that table. sometimes more. sometimes a lot more. i use aramith ball cleaner and it does a real good job. not too much work and they look/play good. a friend is an auto-detail fanatic and uses some kind of polymer/wax stuff he brags about. looks about the same to me.


03-09-2004, 01:11 PM
i clean my pool balls at least weekly. i put them on the counter top and spray them with 409 then put turtle car wax on them and let them dry and polish them with a dry clean towel.. wishing i had a ball polisher.. /ccboard/images/graemlins/frown.gif

03-09-2004, 01:25 PM
I just run mine through the dishwasher every now and then. Tough spots require a little elbow grease, but it's the easiest way I've found.


03-09-2004, 01:54 PM
It depends on the amount of use. At the poolhall I clean them once a week. It could stand to be done more often, with the heavy usage. The Mini-Buffer is really handy for the home table, and I use it for the small poolhall. I'm going to install a wide buffing pad on a grinder, and plan to use a tripoli polishing bar to apply to the buffing wheel. Heavily used balls become nicked, scratched, and in general tend to loose there luster, over time. The polishing bar removes the scratches, and restores the "like new" lustre to them. Unfortunately, I can only buff one ball at a time this way. /ccboard/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

03-09-2004, 02:19 PM
Recently I helped design a ball polisher. We used and old floor buffer as the main component. It is great because they run at a fairly slow speeed. We cut off the bristles on the wood wheel that attaches to the motor. Backed that up with a pad then made a buffing pad to mount on top. The whole affair is mounted to a bench. The balls get polished inside a cut off 5 gal bucket mounted to the bench. The balls are sandwiched between the bottom pad on the motor and the top pad that is attached to the cover for the bucket. Sorry I forgot how many balls it does but it is a little less than a full rack as I recall.


03-09-2004, 04:42 PM
That's an idea! It may be more of a project than I want to take on right now, but I'll remember it for later. The nice thing is that the balls seem to stay clean longer cleaned this way. The polishing bar and buffer seem to leave no residue. The cleaner and wax solutions I've used seems to leave a thin layer of residue and I believe it tends to collect dirt, smudges, etc. more quickly.

03-09-2004, 04:48 PM
I think it would be ok to run them through the dishwasher if they were polished afterwards. My experience with Turtle Wax is that it leaves a gummy surface, but very slick. I think it's best to have them professionally cleaned at your local Pool Hall or billiard store.

03-09-2004, 09:35 PM
My home room puts all balls through the Bludworth machine 2x a day. Basically, if a set gets used, it gets cleaned within 5 hours. Comes out nice and glossy, with a mirror-like sheen on them.

Tables are cleaned once a day or more if serious players request it. I get to clean my own table after the owner showed me how. So everytime I go I get fresh, clean balls and a GC with spanking clean simonis.

I don't know how I could play at another pool hall after this /ccboard/images/graemlins/confused.gif

When it comes to pool, I'm developing a serious case of OCD, thanks in part to that lovely pool hall that caters to my every whim.


03-10-2004, 01:25 AM
How do you clean your table?

has anyone ever tried brake cleaner??? *my roomates a mechanic he suggested, i think it may be too caustic of a substance and take the coloring off of the ball.

03-10-2004, 10:29 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote bigalerickson:</font><hr> How do you clean your table?
<hr /></blockquote>

Damp, lint-free cotton towel, folded into a square. Not too much pressure on the cloth. Gentle swipes in arcs across the four quadrants of the table, and under the cushions.

Very, very little pressure on top of the cushions (water will kill the speed).

Let dry.


03-10-2004, 10:38 AM
I have a home table, with aramith balls. What kind of mini-buffer would you reccomend? Or would I be better off with the polishing bar method?



Rich R.
03-10-2004, 11:00 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote bigalerickson:</font><hr> What kind of mini-buffer would you reccomend? <hr /></blockquote>
The "Mini-Buffer" is a specific product. There is only one kind and it is geared toward home use.

03-10-2004, 11:08 AM
Thanks Rich.

03-11-2004, 07:58 AM
I found Gel-Gloss to be the easiest to use. I got it from Home Depot, $4.21 for a pint. It works great on formica, fiberglass marble etc.