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03-09-2004, 02:37 PM
I had something happen last night that really made my day. Sitting at home watching the tube when the phone rings. I pick it up and it is one of my students I had just spent about 4 or 5 hours with the day before. He called to tell me he had just finished playing in his league and had scored the highest possible score for the night. He was calling to THANK ME!
I congratulated him and told him he was the one that did the work, I only helped get him going in the right direction. It was really cool because he was so excited about seeing his game improve.

I thought about it after the call, and found I was just as excited about his success as I would have been had I just won a tournament. It's things like this that make me glad I started teaching.

O-K, I admit it. I'm proud and just had to share it with someone.


9 Ball Girl
03-09-2004, 03:03 PM
Well, it's definitely a good feeling to be acknowledged and to know that you were able to help someone. Way to go!

Maybe one day you may not remember the student's name, but they'll remember yours...

03-09-2004, 03:44 PM

Congrats! That's why people become teachers. Despite the frustration and hard work, the gratification when a student really improves and acknowledges your help is very rewarding. I know a few teachers in other fields which require a high level of skill (such as music) and they live for that moment.


03-09-2004, 04:24 PM
That is cool Steve! /ccboard/images/graemlins/cool.gif I read the title of this post and wondered what could be better than winning a tournament? I thought that maybe having the winning bid on the winner's calutta would good, where you didn't have to do any work and reaped the reward. Your's is much better. I'm not a teacher, but I've helped out some inexperienced players from time to time. It is a great feeling when someone tells you how you helped them, and watched their game progress. Congratulations for you and them.


03-09-2004, 07:03 PM
Does this mean your fee is going to increase? /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Congratulations to you and your student. I always knew you were a class act.

03-10-2004, 06:11 AM
Thanks y'all!
Nick...No increases planned, but if you want to give me a bonus...... /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif