View Full Version : 314, black dot, T3, or straight maple?

03-13-2004, 09:23 AM
My old cue has developed quite an "S"curve- time to retire it. I now live in an area a long way from a place to try different cues. Competition is pretty much leagues or tourneys on the bar boxes. Meucci, Predator and Terminator say their shafts reduce deflection, resulting in better play. I read a lot of posts dissing their hit or feel. I'm a finesse player,like to use english when I can, and like to juice it up to break a cluster or move the ball(hard to draw on some of these bar boxes). Do you think these cues or shafts are what they are hyped to be? Just wondering if they would help, going from different CBs a lot. Opinions and advice would be appreciated

03-13-2004, 11:06 AM
A shaft's a shaft. Regardless of opinion - what manufactures claim, or what people say, or write, there's not that big of effective difference (not that I've detected, anyway).
Sure, they're all going to feel, and hit, with slightly different responsiveness or feel. (There may be measurable differences in deflection, too, but I've encountered none so different that I've had to modify my compensations when using a lot of spin - I know others will argue, but, this is my 2cnts.)

I'm not that big a Predator fan, (only have three),but what you do get with them is a good consistency from one shaft to the next. So, if you decide to go with a Predator, and, then, down the road , something happens, or you just want to get another shaft (for another butt..., whatever), they're going to feel, and play pretty close (thin, hollow, and boardy, but very similar).

The biggest difference I've found is when going from a Meucci to a stiffer hitting cue (Joss, Schon, Southwest, most others, really), but it's not really that big a deal, as many might say it is.

You'll notice that most players have serious prejudices and preferences in cues, and if they play with something different and there play isn't uplifted to better than they are, then it's the stick or shaft is too whippy, to heavy/light, whatever, it's the stick, man, not them!!
Like I said, they all do feel different -it's not that there's anything wrong (or better) with lighter, heavier, thicker/thinner/whippier/stiffer.

The biggest thing is knowing what you've got, and how you think it's performing, and, then, deciding if you want to stay with those properties - or maybe you have a reason to go with something else. But, do it for a good reason - (Of which there are few - most pool cue product decisons are impulsive and have no basis in undisputable fact - other than you probably spent too much for it).

Good Luck,

03-13-2004, 11:38 AM
Personally, I like a heavier and stiffer shaft (like the schon, southwest or the thick joss). I dont like the whip or thin feel like a meccui. Its really all about feeling comfortable and having confidence in your equipment. To be honest the tip is more important then anything since that actually makes the contact. Put a good tip on the end of a broomstick and a pro would still run a table!

03-14-2004, 12:20 PM
I myself prefer the Pie-Lam shafts. Predator makes a great Pie-Lam shaft, apparently Tiger Products have one too, Atlas Billiard's sells the Dominator Pie-Lam. Having been a player for 45 years & a Mechanical Engineer for 30 of those, I do know that structural shapes are stronger. Therefore I must like a stiffer hit.

NOW, here's where the rubber meets the road..., it's "the Tip". The Cue Tip is the one & only interface between the Cue Stick & the Cue Ball. I prefer the medium hard triangle because I'm a conservative player (meaning spin isn't a big part of my game). I know a Roadie that loves an Elk Master, but he's always got a spinning Cue Ball. There are lots of Cue Tips offered on the market. You put the wrong kind of tip on a Cue Stick, for your style of playing, & you'd be trading off a celebrated (?) good Southwest or JossWest Cue & forever believing the Cue wasn't for you. Nobody's cue is a MAGIC WAND, the only function of a Cue Butt is for grasping & balancing a 58-60 inch wooden stick. Decoration of the Butt is to appeal to the Player's vanity, to grasp their eye's desire & to sell a cue stick.