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03-18-2004, 02:29 AM
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I was in the poolhall and a local player wanted to play me some 9ball, race to five for 100$. So he said to me "I'll even give you a generous spot." I said okay and he offered me a spot where all I would need to do is hit the object ball into a rail and that would count as making the shot, saying the rail would become my pocket.

Some people would think at first that this is a lot of weight, when in reality it is a hustle. If the cue ball hits a rail its a scratch, so if someone left three consecutive safeties where the opponent needed to kick at the object ball they would be three fouled and automatically lose. I knew this and told him in order for me to do this he would need to give me the breaks... He said ok, and I managed to control the cue ball on my break, but get the nine to hit a rail 4 times in a row. the fifth time the nine and the cue ball hit a rail and the score was 4 - 1. The next game I managed to get the cue ball to stop center of the table and the nineball hit a cushion so I took his C-note and. called it a day...
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03-18-2004, 07:04 AM
WTF are you talking about? Since when is it a foul if the cb hits a rail? Unless it is a special stipulation that he put in.

And what do you mean by "...all I would need to do is hit the object ball into a rail and that would count as making the shot..."? You can run out by hitting the 1 to rail, 2 to rail, etc...? Is is that you play all balls regularly, but at any time can (making a legal shot) hit the 9 to a rail and win?

WTF kinda game did you get into? Why did you not play again? Won enough?


03-18-2004, 09:59 AM
Well the cueball scratch when it hits a rail was part of the hustle as he described. And from what I get out of it the reason he didnt play again is because the guy trying to hustle him knew he had gotten caught and wasnt going to win.