View Full Version : My 200th post and other thoughts

04-26-2002, 07:05 AM
Well, I'm moving on to the next level of posting, YIPPEEE!!!!!!! Wish my game were. But I'm severly "OP'd" so I'm gonna cut back on play a little. Probably 1 less day a week, maybe 2. Need to freshen up and regain the attitude I used to have when I played. Happens to most of us and instead of listening to our minds and bodies and slowing down we push on and plod on, not understanding our slump.

I started Dale Canegie's public speaking course last week. Interesting that the first thing they try to teach you is self confidence, something I need to find a little more of. I'm guessing it can't help but help my game as well as my life.

Kato~~~off to see the wizard