View Full Version : Pool on tv-- repeated shows?

phil in sofla
03-19-2004, 07:33 PM
I have never been able to get it together to tape pool on tv, except by accident.

I just got a TiVo system as a gift, and it has a 'wish list' feature that among other things, has presets for 'sports' in general, and then subcategories including one for billiards (meaning pool, normally).

Upon setting up that wish list category (which took maybe 15 seconds), it shows something like 20 programs coming up in the next two weeks or something. Telling it to record all of them took another 5 seconds.

Most have descriptions, but some, showing a 'Billiard Club' as the program, have no other information.

Are some of these likely to be repeats of other showings, as cable is famous for doing? Is there really that much being broadcast in a two week period (which I previously consistently missed), or is this maybe half that apparent number, because of repeat scheduling?

I'll find out over the next two weeks, but I'm trying to get a handle now on how much space I need to allow (I get 13 hours worth at best quality recording, 40 hours at most reduced quality).

And I recommend TiVo to anybody who doesn't want to miss recording any particular thing, including movies with given actors in them. Amazing little unit.